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How contestants discriminate in game shows? What is the “Weakest Link” game?

Posted on: November 17, 2011

How game players discriminate? What is the “Weakest Link” game?

The Weakest Link game is composed of 8 or 6 contestants answering trivia questions and compete for a single cash jackpot.

In every round, contestants vote for whom to eliminate from the game. In the early rounds, there is incentive to keeping the best performers in the game since the jackpot amount increases with correct answers. In the latest rounds, the remaining contestants vying for the jackpot have incentive to voting out the most clever among them in responding to trivia questions.

In the early rounds, a player’s trivia answering performance and ability is presumably the only worthwhile factor to consider in the voting process among contestants. For example, discrimination based on genders, race, or age… should not come into play in who to eliminate. Still, the aged contestants, especially the elder women of over 60, are regularly voted out, even if they performed as well as many of the contestants.  Why?

One of the most lethal discrimination factor is “Taste-Based” discrimination against others: We prefer Not to be in contact or interact with elderly people.  Consequently, elderly contestant are eliminated first thing first in both early and latest rounds, far out of proportion to their skills. The average contestants of average age of 34, don’t feel comfortable and at ease with elder players.

The second kind of discrimination is “Information-Based“: Latino contestants experience massive elimination votes in the early rounds, even if they performed as good as many. Latino are perceived as poor in these “intellectual” games and will not increase the jackpot. In the later rounds, any Latino remaining in the game is an asset since she will not be a serious challenger to the jackpot and chances are that this latino will stay to the end…

Why Blacks and younger women are not voted out, both in early and later rounds, even if they perform lousy?

Simply because this public show will prove your racist or women-hater tendencies.  Blacks and younger women have higher odds to staying in the game till the very latest rounds.

Tacit discrimination are revealed in many aspect of life.

How implicit is discrimination played in dating social platforms?

Many claim that is enjoying such vast popularity simply because it is a free dating platform, and more effective than the others. Anyone wanting to date has the honest data of the prospected partner, and many more particular honest opinions… More on that type of discrimination in a follow-up post.

Note: Post inspired by the book “Freakonomics” by Steven Levitt

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