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An open letter for agreeing that Lebanon will be affected by regional turmoils? For responding before the events knock on our doors?
I have just read another open letter to the Lebanese government.  This time it is written by Tracy Chamoun in order to prevent future bloodshed… Before I comment, let’s read:

“DEAR MR. PRESIDENT of the Republic of Lebanon,

In the light of the deterioration of the political climate in the Middle East, I would like to draw your attention at this time to the importance of signing a national accord and a formal decision by all political representatives in the government not to resort to violence under any circumstances in the near future. I would also urge the Lebanese government to prepare in advance coordinated responses that would be preemptive in the face of the consequences of different regional outcomes.

It is too dangerous for Lebanon to be reactive to outside forces. The government should decide a priori on their statements, positions, and actions in the wake of forthcoming challenges.

An accord of this nature should be agreed upon by all parties in the ministerial cabinet and ratified in Parliament.

This accord would serve to maintain the integrity of the nation in the face of potential divisiveness, and would declare Lebanon’s positions in advance in the event that different scenarios should occur. These events might include:

1 – An Israeli preemptive strike on Iran
2 – US / NATO involvement in Syria
3 – Turkish involvement and military escalation in Syria
4- The fall of Bashar El Assad’s regime in Syria
5- Refugees from Syria flood into Lebanon

We should seek official consensus positions on all these matters and more to avoid unilateral action by different groups that may be directly impacted by the events in Syria, Iran and the Gulf. We want to avoid war at all costs and put forward acceptable solutions before problems arise.

Therefore, as a concerned Lebanese citizen, I would like to call for the enactment of government policies to establish the parameters of action that the nation will take in order to confine and limit the possibility of internal violence that might be caused by external developments.” End of letter

Before you read my comments, I suggest you take a look at

My First comment is that this tiny Non-State of Lebanon has always be a reactive government since its independence and the recognition of the UN in 1946. Why? This State is run by 18 officially recognized religious sects having the official duty of running the “citizens” civil status according to a caste system.

Second, the secular movements are divided and the so-called secular political parties are struggling to get a share of the pie in the actual political/social/economic structure.

Third, the Lebanese are fighting for a semblance of citizenship, to be recognized by a central State, instead of being identified as in the registers of the religious sects…All that the Lebanese barely enjoy is an ID, a passport that does not take far, and a currency linked to the dollar…

Fourth, in general, the Lebanese since 1940 are “clever my ass”, “intellectual my ass”, “entrepreneur my ass”: They don’t master their language and don’t master any of the other two languages that they boast to be fluent in…University graduates vote for their feudal lords and are hugely distracted to focusing on acquiring knowledge…

Sending open letters to Lebanese governments are of no pragmatic use if not supported by a secular, well-financed, and sustainable movement.  Four marches later, and the secular movement fizzled. Why? The sectarian movements are prevalent in our society and they have the means and community support to destabilize well-intentioned movement for reform and change.

No, the system in Lebanon is Not immune for drastic change: The secular movement has no other alternative but to focus on feasible and pragmatic programs in order to conquer the mind and heart of citizens with dignity and perseverance.

Tracy’s letter lighted on the most urgent foreign pressures to dealing with.  How could Lebanon deal with anything when the society is looking outside its boundary for directives and inspiration?

An open letter for agreeing that Lebanon will be affected by regional turmoils? Have these turmoils ever stopped affecting Lebanon since antiquity? An open letter for responding before the events knock on our doors? Events have been loudly disturbing our ears and sleep for decades. Yet, another open letter is fine and highly welcomed, but the target audience is not well selected for any realistic effects.

I would rather listen to Tracy’s positions on the five foreign pressures. An open letter to the wrong target audience (Lebanese government) will not do.

You may read one of my many articles on Lebanon conditions

Is “Lacking sense of humor” a genetic affliction?

I have observed that when both parents lack sense of humor, the children have significant low doses of sense of humor.  I doubt the matter is genetic…

Do you think people can learn and practice techniques for qualitatively raising their levels of sense of humor?

Are there such kind of techniques? Under which names these techniques are promoted?

Let’s face it: Improving nature ecology does not necessarily improve that much the chances of mankind extinction process.

 A good nature ecology is fundamentally necessary for the survival of mankind for a longer duration, according to how nature disequilibrium is progressing.  But what could be a sufficient condition for mankind survival is disseminating a wider and higher sense of humor in mankind.

If sense of humor cannot be acquired and actively researched and promoted as the first priority in the UN list of human development indicators, then I am confident that mankind is utterly doomed, and the insects will thrive upon earth.

Mankind has demonstrated that he genetically lack sense of humor and the trend is appalling.

So far, I didn’t witness that the leaders of the developed nations were ever elected for their lovely sense of humor: The first things that come to their mind in serious political decisions are:

First, how could we control better any sense of humor in the population,

Second, it is like “Okay, we have the means: Let’s launch a preemptive war.  In the meantime, let’s destabilize the targeted “enemy society” with sectarian feuds and civil wars…”

The 1% richest classes in every society, regardless of political/social/economic structure, share this system of belief:  They think that the world will be better off if the people follow their directives and the system of control of people haphazard humors.  This is not even a Dark sense of humor: It is total lack of sensible sense of humor of any kind.

These are the facts:

First, There are kinds of sense of humors in quality and in quantity. You have the naive kind of senses and you have the darker types. The dark type of sense of humor I have in abundance (not necessarily by genetic birth…)

Second, there is positive correlations among the kinds of sense of humors and congenital extrovert attributes and behaviors.  The more you lack sense of humor of any kind, the more you are inclined to seek people and to get together. It is not that the assembly is welcoming you, but you do love to schmooze. It is not like anyone who wants to hire is about to consider someone unable to focus.

You recognize lack of sense of humor when someone goes on tangents dozen of times within 5 minutes into any discussion.

If you hate geometry and could never fathom what is tangent, do listen to a deficient individual, lacking sense of humor, arguing.

The irony is that these “deficient sense of humor syndrome” people, the vastest majority, abhor the term “ideology” and refuse to be members in any kinds of political or social movements: They don’t realize that they are ideological up to their asses and argue from an ideological perspective.  

Humorless people are “principled” up their asses: Mostly crammed with myths and abstract notions. They are not able to hold a discussion with pragmatic people who can find big holes in any principle.  They never approached issues according to how the real world function, but according to their debilitated, ignorant understanding of how the world should function.

You cannot get a handle in any conversation with people having “deficient sense of humor syndrome”: There are no handles to grab on, and they will never let you steer the subject for a single minute.

There are two great advantages as you realize that you lack sense of humor:

First, at least you won’t apologize for the frequent “sad moments” you are experiencing. You know that you have an arduous climb to overcome this terrible debilitating genetic illness, and you know the reason.  You may refrain from sharing your presence at every occasion you feel like “going out” and mingling…

Second, if you manage to sincerely admit your sad condition, people would notice and start listening to your “tangential” lucubrations with more compassion, and learn to become better psychologists in human behaviors. (You have noticed that every one think that he is an expert psychologist, don’t you?)

My dark-kind sense of humor helped me cope and confront huge amount of crap I had to face in my life: I can shoulder the assaults of half-cooked ideas, opinions, and positions of all those who refuse to read.  

The vast majority of people refuse to read on the ground that “reading books never generated money for subsistence…”  They are ideological up their asses and they refuse to recognize it…

Urgent note:  Sense of humor has nothing to do with laughter. We have got to learn to laugh our heart out and smile to life, literally. I have already received a reply stating: “I personally consider laughing is an important part of life. You can’t take life too seriously all the time. You will probably end up having a stroke. Laughter in my mind is the best form of therapy“. And I agree

“The summer of a life” by J.M. Coetzee

This book is another autobiographical attempt by J.M. Coetzee of how was life and his life between 1972 to 1975 in apartheid South Africa of the Afrikaners. Actually, it is how his girlfriends perceived him, through a third-party interviewing his girlfriends after his death.

Consequently, the exciting main characters are the women in the life of the author, and when women talk frankly about their relationship you should expect excitement and hilarious different perspectives on the nature of falling in love and sexual intercourse…

I am translating from the French version a few paragraphs and sections to set the tone.

Julia says: “I had dropped two rolls of Christmas wrappings in the supermarket.  This utterly non-handsome guy, skinny, and inelegant picked up the one-meter large rolls. It was obviously an accident, but one of the rolls stabbed one of my breasts. As I arrived home, I removed my bra and looked at my breasts.  I could feel the touch on my nipple for a week…

I invited John for a light dinner a few weeks later. I made it a principle to look the same as during the supermarket incident and refused to beautify my face, do my hair, or wear fancy clothes. The dinner was super light, and John arrived without his father. My little 2 year-old Chrissie was on my lap and she didn’t like John, and never did. My Chrissie was as blond as her father with his blue eyes. I had the sensation that I was to her an intruder, more like our colored house helper, though my husband Mark barely was home to taking care of her…”

“The Afrikaner father of John spoke English passably: He used to underline with a finger gesture the English idioms he told me..”  The father said: “John is pouring concrete around the perimeter of this humid house. We are witnessing less humidity inside.  This is a huge undertaking, isn’t John?”  From the tone of the dad’s voice I felt how he was trying hard to find any kind of merit in his 30 year-old eldest son…

“This week-end, my husband Mark made love to me with ardour, all the time and almost everywhere. Mark had this idea that I sensed on him the odor of his girlfriend in Durban and that I was out doing my erotic performances because of my acute woman smell…Mark had no idea that I cheated with John a couple of days ago, just for revenge. I felt a huge pride and excitement in thinking: “Wow, I am behaving like a slut, and I am discovering new horizons in my erotic abilities…”

“I spent seven consecutive nights with John as my husband Mark left to Hong Kong with his girlfriend. John would leave early in order not to meet with the house servant. My diagnostic of John’s love-making is that he was autistic in that matter.  An autistic regard the person he is in love with as an automaton, an entity created to his own desires. To John I was a Woman. Like the time he came extremely excited and asked me to make love on the adagio of Franz Schubert, on the ground that only music expresses the eroticism of the period. Like if I could care less how Mrs. Schubert felt with Mr. Schubert in Vienna of the 19th century…

I think sexual autistics prefer to masturbate instead of having real rapport with a human being…”

“The Afrikaners of the period (1970-1975) liked to be viewed as the “Afrikan” Israelite, cunning, unscrupulous, hard as leather, and attacking their prey overtly…In fact, the apartheid male Afrikaners were more like a pack of babies abandoned in a forest, a tribe of little kids with slaves to care for them…

“John could never be my charming Prince. Only once did John opened up his heart to me at the sight of my predicament of not knowing where my Chrissie was.  This is the only night I reached climax with John. He must have awakened at night and saw my beatific face and got scared.  I didn’t see him when I awoke. Do you think that I will ever forgive John for abandoning me after that night?…(To be continued)

Note 1: J.M. Coetzee received Nobel Award of literature in 2003, mostly based on his two autobiographical books “At the age of a man”, and “Scenes of the life of a young man”

Note 2: I liked the sexual autism part. I recall slapping the behind of a girlfriend once.  She was bewildered and demanded: “Why did you do that?” I replied: “I read in books that women like to have their behind slapped occasionally. This piece of intelligence is obviously not quite correct…” Enough of my dark humour for today.


Internet Dating facilities: How discrimination is at work?

Tacit discrimination are revealed in many aspect of life. There are mainly two ways of testing discrimination in a community:

First, you investigate the perception of people on their preferences and dislikes, or idiosyncrasies on a society attitudes and behaviors.  Successful salespeople indulge on applying what they learn of “what a particular community wants and prefer…”

Second, you torture a vast amount of data in any fields and you observe the correlation or trends of people, consumers, clients… The main technique that institutions in charge of controlling discrimination at work and enterprises, and in charge of enforcing anti-discrimination laws is by analyzing the data in the workplaces for every kind of industry or social facility…

How implicit is discrimination played in Internet dating social platforms?

What the dating candidate reveals is not what he actually want in a dating partner.

While white women say that “color of a partner”  is irrelevant in their choices: the responses and messages sent target mostly white men.

When women say that “blond guys” are irrelevant in their choices, the e-mails give priority to blond guys.

When women say that “high-earners” are not that relevant as long as the guy has a good standard of living, they actually mostly prefer to date guys who claimed to earn $200,000. Actually, 3 out of 4 males who claim to earn about $200,000 are liars.

Women tend to discriminate against guys in manufacturing jobs, and they much prefer to date police officers, firemen, lawyers, physicians

Women and men cheat one inch taller.

Women cheat 20 pounds less on their weight.

Candidates want to be perceived as above average…

Women and men cheat 70% of the time by claiming to be above average in looks.

Married men never publish their photos, especially when they claim to be “happily married”.

Women prefer to sent messages to men claiming to be looking for a “long-term relationship” while men prefer “casual lovers” or “just looking…”

Data have shown that 56% of males never received a single response, compared to 21% for women candidates.

The candidates getting the most responses are the “smart” daters who try to fit their profile to correspond to the most common stereotypes about men and women in particular communities.

Many claim that is enjoying such vast popularity because it is a free dating platform, and more effective than the others. Anyone wanting to date has the honest data of the prospected partner, and many more particular honest opinions…

The small chatting exercises reveal many aspects of a person and the clever candidate is attuned to catching the characteristics that mostly suit his “secret” preferences.

The most common obvious discrimination target elderly people and Latinos because discrimination on both groups are not largely covered or disseminated, and their anti-discrimination movements are not as widespread or effective to the general public

Note: Post inspired by the book “Freakonomics” by Steven Levitt




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