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What is “Human Ecology”? An anthropological dilemma? Maintaining and sustaining human dignity

Do you have an idea what anthropological tendency means? I am coining the term “Human Ecology” to refer to anthropological sustenance of human dignity.

Mankind is at the top of the food chain.

Lately, a new breed or species has displaced mankind at the top of the food chain:  This species or class of “people” has nothing related to humanity but the external look.

If you ever meet one member of this exclusive tribe, you might not know that he is one of the 1% richest class in every single country.

You might not know that he is a member of the 1% richest in the G20 States, but they can reach for their greedy needs thousands of miles away, without even stepping their feet there, ever in their lifetime.

The entire earth, all its resources, mineral, fowl, animal, food, and people are part of their backyard scenery.

All products and services converge toward the destinations they decide should arrive to.  The 1% richest classes in the food chain do not see our planet as overpopulated.  Simply because: the more numerous the poorest species, the cheaper the labor, and the more abundant the production…Sweat shop factories, coal miners in China…

The 1% richest classes are on the “toppest” of the food chain and they need to make only 1% profit on whatever they trade and still remain the 1% richest.

Actually, they can afford to earn one dollar profit on one thousand dollars in prices, as long as the turn over is high (supermarket example…)

The 1% richest classes think that a billion men may vanish in a single year without destabilizing their system of production: A region is devastated and immigrants can simply be shipped there to survive precariously: They won’t lack a night sleep…

As if when one billion deaths in mankind is not a symptom that mankind is on the verge of disappearance!

Did you realize that even the least politicized individual is able to communicate on the ecological disasters facing earth and are educated enough to expound on varieties of ecological resolutions and alternatives?

However, the most educated and engaged people on the “Green” issues are basically sort of ignorant on how mankind can survive in a deteriorating environment, much less on the importance of maintaining and sustaining human dignity, not just to survive but to be an effective living being…

Liberal capitalist systems, and the worst kind of neo-liberal species, represented by financial multinationals, have reached a state of “having no meaning of why money is accumulated: the goal is to expand and enslave more people…”

No short-term projects can save humanity or improve standard of living in a decent normal life…

It is being revealed that the mentality of consumerism can be taught to be transformed, and many people have been working on learning to live with what is basic and rejecting the superfluous…

The main problem is:  “Can capitalism be transformed by reforming the production mentality of abusing and treating human beings as chattel on the production chains?  Can workers and employees enjoy a level of dignity in this machinery of human production?...”

How many have discussed the state of affair of the survival of mankind, even if ecological natural problems are resolved to the bare standards of a livable planet to mankind?

You must Know that insects and smaller animals can easily survive mankind for many centuries after man has vanished from earth…

Can mankind continue to suffer famine, indignities, and humiliation with the advent of Internet and fast communication means?

Do you think that when the poorest on earth see visuals on how other human species live in developed countries that they will submit to their lot?

We have been witnessing a new awareness of what “reclaiming human dignity” means:

Dignity is no longer an abstract notion

Dignity has acquired flesh and blood and determination…

The question is: “has a newborn, anywhere on earth, the same rights to survive to be a normal human being?

The irony of liberal capitalism is disseminating the hubris that there are no alternatives for progress and development without their brand of capitalism…

Before people revolted lately, the current ideology was a classless society without history and dominated by “One rich class, in one global market, one model of financial transactions…One Nazi Reich for the 21st century

Note: Post inspired by the piece published in the French monthly Le Monde Diplomatic (November).  Lucien Seve wrote under the title “Save human kind: Not only planet earth




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