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Reverting to “Paleolithic” diet or cuisine: When mankind was hunter-gatherer?

Apparently, there is a wave in the USA that is reaching Europe, especially in Berlin, with people reverting to menu of “savages” for their diet.

The cuisine is constituted of meat, all kinds of fishes, fruits, vegetables, eggs, grains, and plants produced biologically (not transformed by any shape or form…).  Consequently out of the menu are: milk and milk products, cereals, sugar, maple syrup

For desert, you may think of spiced tarts without sugar or gluten and plenty of fruits…

These people have gone far in their life-style to emulating the savages by walking and running bare-feet, carrying stones

Many of them give blood frequently, on the assumption that savage mankind used to bleed a lot from his arduous daily survival methods of hunting and gathering…I am not sure if they reached the phase of clubbing their wives and dragging them by the hair…

One restaurant owner in Berlin named his eatery “Savage” and you read at the entrance “True culinary revolution: Paleolithic cuisine“.

Tables are lighted with candles, and I guess the “plates” are either made of wood or stone.  As for utensils, I let your imagination run wild…

Cooking using wood in open air should be the rule and no microwave oven should be contemplated, but these are the exception to the rules in this modern society, especially in urban setting…

Wine and beer are served for those clients having no intention of following the restaurant life-style.

The restaurant owner Boris Leite-Poco claims that he no longer need medicines for his previous numerous ailments…Totally cured from modern illnesses…Increased energy, muscle mass addition, clear color, and active libido…are direct results.

I have a few questions:

First, what if the main staple in paleolithic age was human flesh and blood? It was easier to kill fresh babies to survive in the harsh winter season in those humid caves and no fruits or vegetables around to change the diet?

Second, fast-food cuisine would be ideal if McDonald refrains from adding hundreds of chemicals in their ingredients, and cooking using fat-kind things…

What if potatoes were cultivated in certain region before the European discovered the New World?  What of sweat potatoes, “semoule”, manioc, and ingredients used in Africa in order to survive adulthood?

Third, what of all these Vegan people abhorring meat, fish, onion, ale, cereals, wheat, peas, beans, sugar…? Of what prehistoric age are they referring to?

Fourth, it is known that people discovered beer many thousand of years before they learned to cook bread…Shouldn’t beer be substituted to wine in these prehistoric Cave-restaurants?

Fifth, wouldn’t it be more realistic to revert to iron-age cuisine, on the hypothesis that we have more information and valid scientific basis for their varied cuisines?

I tend to believe that people in the iron age lived longer than in the paleolitic age, a few more years, sort a couple more years on average, surviving way beyond 20 into 22 years?  I know that people in “advanced Europe” of the 19th century barely lived beyond their 40, on average, after 50% of them died before the age of 5…

Sixth, carrying stones instead of ergonomically well-shaped iron weights induces far more hazards in dropping the stone or slipping and falling on your head or feet…

Running bare-foot is not recommended on asphalt or cement or…Be thankful that you enjoy shots against tetanus if you still insist on going totally savage…

Note: Post inspired by a piece in the French weekly “Corrier International” #1099 and written by Alison Kilian

Women can shatter your Autistic perception of love…

Note: I have posted a review of a book by J.M. Coetzee Mainly, it is about how girlfriends perceived men’s forms of “falling in love”.  The exciting main characters are the women in the life of the author.  I decided to give the post a more grabbing title:  this post should not be viewed as a simple review. 

When women talk frankly about their relationship you should expect excitement and hilarious different perspectives on the nature of falling in love and sexual intercourse…

Julia says: “I had dropped two rolls of Christmas wrappings in the supermarket.  This utterly non-handsome guy, skinny, and inelegant picked up the one-meter large rolls. It was obviously an accident, but one of the rolls stabbed one of my breasts. As I arrived home, I removed my bra and looked at my breasts.  I could feel the touch on my nipple for a week…

I invited John for a light dinner a few weeks later. I made it a principle to look the same as during the supermarket incident and refused to beautify my face, do my hair, or wear fancy clothes. The dinner was super light, and John arrived without his father. My little 2 year-old Chrissie was on my lap and she didn’t like John, and never did. My Chrissie was as blond as her father with his blue eyes. I had the sensation that I was to her an intruder, more like our colored house helper, though my husband Mark barely was home to taking care of her…”

“The Afrikaner father of John spoke English passably: He used to underline with a finger gesture the English idioms he told me..”  The father said: “John is pouring concrete around the perimeter of this humid house. We are witnessing less humidity inside.  This is a huge undertaking, isn’t John?”  From the tone of the dad’s voice I felt how he was trying hard to find any kind of merit in his 30 year-old eldest son…

“This week-end, my husband Mark made love to me with ardour, all the time and almost everywhere. Mark had this idea that I sensed on him the odor of his girlfriend in Durban and that I was out doing my erotic performances because of my acute woman smell…Mark had no idea that I cheated with John a couple of days ago, just for revenge. I felt a huge pride and excitement in thinking: “Wow, I am behaving like a slut, and I am discovering new horizons in my erotic abilities…”

“I spent seven consecutive nights with John as my husband Mark left to Hong Kong with his girlfriend. John would leave early in order not to meet with the house servant. My diagnostic of John’s love-making is that he was autistic in that matter.  An autistic regard the person he is in love with as an automaton, an entity created to his own desires. To John I was a Woman. Like the time he came extremely excited and asked me to make love on the adagio of Franz Schubert, on the ground that only music expresses the eroticism of the period. Like if I could care less how Mrs. Schubert felt with Mr. Schubert in Vienna of the 19th century…I think a sexual autistic person prefer to masturbate instead of having real rapport with a human being…”

“The Afrikaners of the period (1970-1975) liked to be viewed as the “Afrikan” Israelite, cunning, unscrupulous, hard as leather, and attacking their prey overtly…In fact, the apartheid male Afrikaners were more like a pack of babies abandoned in a forest, a tribe of little kids with slaves to care for them…

“John could never be my charming Prince. Only once did John opened up his heart to me at the sight of my predicament of not knowing where my Chrissie was.  This is the only night I reached climax with John. He must have awakened at night and saw my beatific face and got scared.  I didn’t see him when I awoke. Do you think that I will ever forgive John for abandoning me after that night?…

Another woman, originally from Brazil, ended up in south Africa, after fleeing first to Namibia, an African State speaking Portuguese as Brazil.  Her loving husband was a victim of a horrible attack when working as night guard, and the hospital maintained this person in permanent coma alive in order to experiment with their panacea of electrical shock therapy method. The mother of the two daughters suspected that the Afrikaner teacher was wooing her younger girl of 15.  

The mother invited the teacher home to have a face to face interview.  The teacher fell in love with the mother, who resembled the young girl in the looks, and kept sending her love letters, and the mother refused to reply or even open the letters, which made no sense to this practical woman. The mother had finally to threaten the teacher and pressure the school to fire him, or at least not to teach her daughter…Looks like the utopia-type teacher was impressed with this pragmatic woman and needed someone to protect him from going overboard with his dream imagination…

Note 1: J.M. Coetzee received Nobel Award of literature in 2003, mostly based on his two autobiographical books “At the age of a man”, and “Scenes of the life of a young man”

Note 2: I liked the sexual autism part. I recall slapping the behind of a girlfriend once.  She was bewildered and demanded: “Why did you do that?” I replied: “I read in books that women like to have their behind slapped occasionally. This piece of intelligence is obviously not quite correct…” Enough of my dark humour for today.




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