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When mankind was hunter-gatherer: Reverting to “Paleolithic” diet or cuisine?

Posted on: December 2, 2011

Reverting to “Paleolithic” diet or cuisine: When mankind was hunter-gatherer?

Apparently, there is a wave in the USA that is reaching Europe, especially in Berlin, with people reverting to menu of “savages” for their diet.

The cuisine is constituted of meat, all kinds of fishes, fruits, vegetables, eggs, grains, and plants produced biologically (not transformed by any shape or form…).  Consequently out of the menu are: milk and milk products, cereals, sugar, maple syrup

For desert, you may think of spiced tarts without sugar or gluten and plenty of fruits…

These people have gone far in their life-style to emulating the savages by walking and running bare-feet, carrying stones

Many of them give blood frequently, on the assumption that savage mankind used to bleed a lot from his arduous daily survival methods of hunting and gathering…I am not sure if they reached the phase of clubbing their wives and dragging them by the hair…

One restaurant owner in Berlin named his eatery “Savage” and you read at the entrance “True culinary revolution: Paleolithic cuisine“.

Tables are lighted with candles, and I guess the “plates” are either made of wood or stone.  As for utensils, I let your imagination run wild…

Cooking using wood in open air should be the rule and no microwave oven should be contemplated, but these are the exception to the rules in this modern society, especially in urban setting…

Wine and beer are served for those clients having no intention of following the restaurant life-style.

The restaurant owner Boris Leite-Poco claims that he no longer need medicines for his previous numerous ailments…Totally cured from modern illnesses…Increased energy, muscle mass addition, clear color, and active libido…are direct results.

I have a few questions:

First, what if the main staple in paleolithic age was human flesh and blood? It was easier to kill fresh babies to survive in the harsh winter season in those humid caves and no fruits or vegetables around to change the diet?

Second, fast-food cuisine would be ideal if McDonald refrains from adding hundreds of chemicals in their ingredients, and cooking using fat-kind things…

What if potatoes were cultivated in certain region before the European discovered the New World?  What of sweat potatoes, “semoule”, manioc, and ingredients used in Africa in order to survive adulthood?

Third, what of all these Vegan people abhorring meat, fish, onion, ale, cereals, wheat, peas, beans, sugar…? Of what prehistoric age are they referring to?

Fourth, it is known that people discovered beer many thousand of years before they learned to cook bread…Shouldn’t beer be substituted to wine in these prehistoric Cave-restaurants?

Fifth, wouldn’t it be more realistic to revert to iron-age cuisine, on the hypothesis that we have more information and valid scientific basis for their varied cuisines?

I tend to believe that people in the iron age lived longer than in the paleolitic age, a few more years, sort a couple more years on average, surviving way beyond 20 into 22 years?  I know that people in “advanced Europe” of the 19th century barely lived beyond their 40, on average, after 50% of them died before the age of 5…

Sixth, carrying stones instead of ergonomically well-shaped iron weights induces far more hazards in dropping the stone or slipping and falling on your head or feet…

Running bare-foot is not recommended on asphalt or cement or…Be thankful that you enjoy shots against tetanus if you still insist on going totally savage…

Note: Post inspired by a piece in the French weekly “Corrier International” #1099 and written by Alison Kilian

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