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Is crime against a devout young girl worse than the one committed on girls in the early hours?

Posted on: December 4, 2011

Is crime against a devout young girl worse than the one committed in the early hours?

Setting of the crime:  A young Lebanese woman of 28, “single and devout”, walked to a nearby abandoned church in the woods in Sahel Alma (close to the port town of Jounieh).  She disappeared for two days and was found dead in the forest.  Details of the crime and its motives are not made public, but the news media focused the attention on the fact that the criminal is a Moslem Syrian and that Meriam is devout and climbed the small hill to pray her rosary…

The Christian Maronite Patriarch demanded in a public speech that ground keepers and gate keepers in Christian churches and properties should not be non-Christian Lebanese…The Syrian ground keeper of the church was arrested and after torture confessed of the crime.  What crime? Rape? Rape before the killing, after the killing, crime of rage, of frustration, of baffled promises…? We don’t know and the family of the victim will not know…These matters are State secrets falling under the category of disturbing community precarious unity and security…

A TV channel covered the gruesome event and focused on foreign immigrant workers…People published posts on atrocities committed by foreign immigrants on “virgin devout girls” and demanding that their “outrage” be “shared” on social platform…

A week before this killing, the internal security forces uncovered a gang of 6 Christians (Armenians?) in the district of Nabaa (Beirut)that has been murdering taxi drivers and older women in the past three years, for small cash just to enjoying nights of drinking and bingeing… No Patriarch (Maronite, Armenian, Orthodox…) took the stand to denounce this serial mass killing for nothing more than the need of small cash…No Patriarch or politician launched a campaign against anything related to the case and we didn’t hear any diatribe condemning the horrors…

Do you believe that a similar crime committed on a girl coming out in the early hours would have raised an eyebrow? Is crime against a devout young girl worse than a crime against a young devout boy? Is crime against a “virgin” young girl worse than a crime against a virgin young  boy?  So many car victims are done by reckless young drivers (less than 19) who got their driving licence by bribes or didn’t even had one…are the victims of car cases less gruesome and harrowing than individual killing?

I watched part of a movie on ARTE last night.  It is about four Greek men in their late thirties, having nothing to do and spending their days lounging in front of their friend’s tiny shop.  After lunch they get together to play a few soccer games in the tiny empty space…This bunch of companions hate immigrants coming from Albania who are “steeling” their jobs…The dog attached outside barks on only Albanians, they claim…

It turned out that one of these Albanians was the son of the mother of the shop keeper…Actually, the shop keeper is the younger brother of the Albanian that the elder confirmed with a photo with their mother when she was living in Albania, and confirmed by the mother…The younger brother demand from his elder not to come and visit his mother again and go together shopping and dining: “This is my house, and I don’t want you to disturb my comfort zone…” 

The conversation revolves around whether the mother is indeed Albanian because she speaks Albanian, whether the shop keeper is indeed Albanian even if he spent most his life in Greece and does not speak Albanian…These sort of conversations that begin a process of serious reflection on the condition of man, nationality, language, newer waves of immigrants…Is Greece actual financial trouble a result of years of relying on the “honor” of being a member of the Euro zone, simply on mythical basis that European culture is “fundamentally” Greek? 

Lebanon is going through one more of its  succession of “critical periods”, this time blamed on the Syrian crisis.  The frequent waves of sectarian media coverage for supporting one sectarian political party against another sectarian political party or an alliance of stupid sectarian and isolationist political parties…, alliances not meant to establishing a true central power to give the Lebanese a semblance of citizens… Sectarian vociferous speeches sending the message that they don’t mind a civil war in Syria if the prize is the head of Bashar el Assad…Those sort of things…

Lebanon never confronted the calamities and future shocks of his long and protracted civil war (17 years) because the warlords of sectarian militias emerged in the government and Parliament to lead Lebanon to a better future…The younger generation, born during the civil war, are not that sane and nobody cares and no “educational” programs have been contemplated to demonstrate the rotten state of affairs, before and after the civil war…

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