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Are you pregnant? What tests determine the foetus health conditions…?

I read two pieces in a daily and want to share.  One piece was on the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) prevalent in 50% of women, and the other piece on the various medical tests applied on pregnant women to diagnose health conditions of foetus.

Statistics have shown that over 50% of women, starting at age 14, are afflicted with Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).  Men can be contaminated with this virus at intercourse,even if the girl was a virgin.  This virus does not reveal its symptoms for years: 90% of HPV are cured within two years by the immune system.  Ten percent of the cases end up suffering from sexual part cancers. Small dots are spread around the vaginal area…Luckily, there is a vaccine against HPV, but it is most effective between the age of 14 to 26.  The affected woman will have to take three doses of this vaccine. Consequently, it is highly advisable that also men be vaccinated early on, in order not to transmit this virus to non-affected women.

In the last decade, the “Combined Test” is the most prevalent and most accurate method used to diagnosing foetus defects.  This technique uses blood test and ultra sound picture to determine the condition of the Pregnancy Associated Plasma Protein and the Nuchal Translucency liquid in the foetus neck.

The technique applied before the “Combined Test” was called the Triple Test.  It consisted on taking blood samples to determine potential ailments of the foetue, particularly Dawn Syndrome and the Neural Tube Defect.  The Triple Test examined three hormone indicators: 1) Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP), 2) Human Chorionic-Ganadotropin (HCG), and 3) Unconjugated Estriol (UE3).

In the 70’s, gynecologists relied on the age of the pregnant women.  If over 35, the woman had to submit to the amniocentesis test by taking sample from the foetus liquid.  This test carried high risk that the foetus might die.  Consequently, an alternative test was discovered that relied on the testing of the Placenta liquid.

Medical research have uncovered high correlation between a Dawn Syndrome foetus and its neck thickness.  Thus, medical techniques are applying ultra sound to estimating the thickness of the Nuchal Translucency liquid in the foetus neck.

With the advent of DNA analysis, I think every pregnant woman should have the foetus DNA tested for short-term and medium-term syndromes.  There is no dignity in giving birth to unhealthy and deformed baby who might die within a year or five years: Billion are dying in very undignified conditions, dying of famine, of polluted potable water, of stupid curable diseases….

There is dignity in keeping healthy babies, giving a chance to newborn to survive as normal people should, to fighting the good fight…

Note: Information taken from the Lebanese Arabic daily Al Nahar




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