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Playing with fire? Review of my story on Syria upheaval

Posted on: December 8, 2011

Playing with fire? Review of my story on Syria upheaval

Reluctantly, I have to review my story on Syria upheaval after the blatant interference of  US, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf Arab Emirate States in Syria turmoil, and who refuse to seek any reforms: They want to install another regime with definite programs that satisfy the US  biased interests and obscurantist Saudi Wahhabi religious expansion in the region…

The sources of all extremist Islamic sects and political movements originated in the Arabic Peninsula, starting with the Khawarej in the early decades of the Arabic Empire and who assassinated Califs and Imams, to the Karamita in the 10th century, to the current Wahhabi sect in this absolute Saudi Monarchy…

Relying on historical facts and events, all the extremist Islamic sects have been militarily and politically defeated by the central Arabic/Islamic power residing in the Capitals of either Damascus, Baghdad, Cairo, or Istanbul…

The defeat of Islam extremist movement was mainly done with the total support of the Sunnis in Damascus, the revolving door and central city within the Arabic/Islamic Empire…See note

Bashar el Assad and his clan must know by now that the only alternative to maintaining the unity of Syria and blocking foreign interference for initiating a civil war is to let the Sunni merchants in Damascus and Aleppo ally with the internal opposition parties, and the secular political parties…

Only the Sunnis power in Damascus and Aleppo can lead a successful transitional power, and constitute a viable transitional government,  that can defeat foreign meddling in Syria’s internal affairs and oppose any extremist Wahhabi Islamic influence…

Borhan Galiun, the academic appointed by the US and Turkey to be president of the Syrian council, a movement formed of a few members who immigrated from Syria long time ago, declared the new regime will break links with Iran, the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement, and the Palestinian Hamas movement in Gaza…

Is that what this foreign council wants from changing a regime that has been sitting on the chest of the Syrian people for 40 years?

How much of a revolution is this foreign Syrian movement? See note 2

Actually, a Moslem Brotherhood leader in Syria went as far as proclaiming that the northern Lebanese districts, including the port of Tripoli, will be attached to the new Syria…

How much of a revolution can we expect from these haphazard movements?  The demand of the Syrian external movement of the  Moslem Brotherhood is in line with the historic refusal of the Sunnis to relinquish part of their territory in order to constitute the Greater Lebanon during the French mandated power after WWI.

This declaration comes after a Sunni political movement in Lebanon, the Future movement of Saad Hariri and his clan, has been demanding that the government of Lebanon meddle in Syria’s turmoil to the side of the Moslem Brotherhood insurgents…

The Mustaqbal movement wants that Lebanon officially send arms, ammunition, and install a safe heaven for the Syrian “renegades”, as if the non-State of Lebanon can assume its responsibilities toward its own citizens…

Maybe Lebanon is currently immune to a full-fledged civil war, because of the power of the Lebanese army and the resistance power of Hezbollah,  but all it takes are a few terrorist attempts to ignite a toxic sectarian smoke and a strong signal for the religious minorities in north Lebanon to start fleeing the district… Then what?  Lebanon is already divided in cantons due to 17 years of civil war, and with new transfer of citizens, how much of a central State can Lebanon expect to establish?

Would the north Lebanese canton demand that the Iraqi pipeline to the port city of Tripoli to be reopened?

Would the south Lebanese canton demand that the Iraqi pipeline into Zahrani be reopened?

Would Beirut and Mount Lebanon initiate a round of negotiation with Israel “to please divert part of legitimate oil in the Lebanese water to Beirut?”

Is that what the plan for Lebanon is being executed by the US administration and Saudi Arabia?

Note 1:  The Sunni Moslem sect always paid allegiance to the power-to-be, regardless of the location of the Capital of the Empire. Fact is, the Crusading campaigns lost their initial advantages when the Sunnis in Damascus and Aleppo refused to cooperate and became the cities from where the counter-offensive started in the 12th century.

Note 2:  In June, the foreign Syrian opposition individuals could barely manage to enlist 70 members.  They begged the Syrian Moslem Brotherhood in exile to join them, at the vigorous instigation of Turkey’s Moslem Brotherhood in power.

After this hapless external government in transition failed to impress the masses within Syria, they again asked the help of the Moslem Brotherhood inside Syria to post banners proclaiming their support for this external government.

The internal opposition groups were invited to Cairo to start dialogue with the external council.  The Galiun group assaulted the internal opposition groups and this academic of Borhan didn’t even condemn the assault and verbal abuse.  How can dialogue start if no educational process of proper communication are discussed within “opposition” movements?

Note 3: President Bashar gave an interview with Barbara Walter in Damascus yesterday.  Apparently, Bashar said that there will be municipal election this month, to be followed with parliamentary election, and a Presidential election in 2014.  Bashar said that serious reforms for the constitution and election laws are being studied.

I say to Bashar: “How about you publish the draft reforms and let the political parties and opposition movement start dialogue on pragmatic and practical papers for reforms and change? Isn’t dialogue based on submitted reform draft?

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