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Kicking and alive:  What “Occupy Wall Street” protesters are demanding?

You cannot count on the major news media to sustain coverage of mass upheavals that do not generate deaths from one party or another, or any serious infrastructure damages and stoppage of doing business as usual…Major news medias are in tune with the power-to-be because they rely on government facilitation and financial support to exist…

I have been hearing comments of people who have not participated in any  “Occupy Wall Street” protesters sit-ins and they tend to nod their head saying: “This movement has fizzled…and just not that widespread as before…”, these kinds of comments are coming from fat-assed people…

“Occupy Wall Street” protests are kicking and alive.  The good news is that Xmas holiday is near and school students will be joining the gathering with their families to have the greatest fun ever: Learning the proper lessons of life on how to sustain their acquired rights and how to fight back the 1% richest classes of ogres…

The new young generation will be watching and supporting “Occupy Wall Street” protesters and will be learning “on the field” what is at stake, such as Support Communities; Back “America wants to work”; and Restore Democracy… If the teachers refrain from asking the students to develop on the nine demands as take-home exams, I expect the family to doing its due diligence in encouraging the new generation of personal reflection and clarifying the issues.

We demand to consider People before Wall Street:

1. Tax Wall Street for gambling with our money. Pass the financial speculation tax…

2. Support education. Put teachers back in classrooms, increase recesses in schools and recess breaks, and ease the crippling burden of student debt.

3. Keep working families in their homes. Pass a mortgage relief plan that puts the needs of homeowners above the greed of mortgage bankers.

4. End “too big to fail” doctrine of  multinational financial institutions. Rein in the big banks NOW and hold the people who caused the financial crisis accountable.

We demand to Support “America wants to work”:

  1. Fair share of taxes from the 1%. End the tax cuts for the 1% and close corporate tax loopholes through the various administrations and Congresses.
  2. Businesses should invest in jobs. Corporations must stop sitting on their profits and start hiring again here in America.  The Federal and State governments must invest in workable and efficient infrastructure…
  3. Extend unemployment insurance. Millions of Americans are still out of work, and unemployment insurance is a vital lifeline. Open dialogue and discussions on ways to treating unemployed citizens with dignity and how to extend wide arrays of work opportunities…

We demand to Restore Democracy:

  1. End corporate control of our democracy. Abolish “corporate personhood” and restore full voting rights to real people.
  2. Simplify election laws and election procedures so that common people can participate as candidates and engaged voters…
  3. The two political party system has degenerated into a single party with two factions, battling it out on side interests that do not concern the general public…





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