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Natural energy regeneration: Sun plus water produce methane and oxygen

Posted on: December 25, 2011

Natural energy regeneration: Sun plus water produce methane and oxygen

Oxygen and methane are the natural energies that combine to generate heat, power, water, and carbon dioxide, sort of clean energy resources…

There are several methods for generating “non-toxic” energy from photo-chemical reactions, to micro-organism photosynthesis using photo-bioreactors of algae and bacteria…

New technologies have demonstrated that it is possible to produce methane and oxygen just using sun rays and water…How it works?

Step 1: Liquid prisms containing water redirect sun rays to bundles of parallel rays.

Step 2: The parallel rays get concentrated and focused using Fresnel-type of lenses (the kinds used in phares)

Step 3:   The focused rays hit an “optofluid reactor” constituted of microscopic translucent (tranlucid) tubes. Water and CO2 are injected in the tubes..

Step 4. The tubes are covered with catalyst dioxide of titan that accelerate the chemical decomposition into methane and O2.

Scientific researcher Demetri Psaltis at Lausane Polytechnic School published this mechanism in the magazine “Nature Photonics”.

Microchips tubes increase chemical reactions by a thousand fold, but it is industrial production of these special micro tubes that may be a difficulty for industrial production of O2 and methane.  In any case, this was a problem for solar cells 20 years ago, and it has been resolved as government got involved and pored in the necessary funds.

The other hurdle is how to clean the million of micro-tubes as organic matters and bacteria will pollute the “reactors”?

In any case, Greek researchers are adding pieces of cheese and bad milk in industrial batteries to increase performance.

Note: You may access this piece electronically on There is no lock on this article and you may visualize the schematics.

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