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You are told: You have two choices. You are better off creating a third choice for pains to pay

Is life a successive choices for trading in your pain?  Have you been confronted with two obvious choices?  Have you ever reflected and decided that “the third choice” will pays off for the same kinds of pains and suffering you inevitably have to experience?

Seth Godin wrote (with slight editing): “The pain of a lousy boss, of careless mistakes, of insufficient credit. The pain of instability, of bullying, of inadequate tools. The pain of poor cash flow, corrossive feedback and work that isn’t worthy of you. Pain is part of work. And it leads to two mistakes.

The notion that you can trade your way out of pain!

“If I just get a little bigger, a little more famous, a little richer… the pain will go away.” This notion creates a cycle of dissatisfaction, an unwillingness to stick it out. You convince yourself: “There’s always a pain-free gig right around the corner, so screw this, let’s go try that”.

What if pain is everywhere, in every project, in every relationship, and in every job. Don’t you think that “wandering from one association to another merely wastes your energy? You think: “Let me embrace my current pain and thus avoid newer, unknown pains….”

This is precisely the opposite mistake. This leads to paralysis. Falling in love with the pain you’ve got as a way of avoiding unknown future pains gets you stuck, wasting your potential.

As usual, when confronted with two obvious choices, it’s the third choice that pays.” End of quote

Knowing yourself is a process of always trying to figure out the third choice that fit your passions, interests, and well-being.

If pain, suffering, and inconvenience are ultimately inevitable in any endeavour you face, how about you select the sets of pain, suffering, and inconvenience that are of your decisions and of your acceptance?

There are no alternative to serious reflection, unless you tend to go with the wind and the power-to-be as your guiding rod.

What individualism means in that case? What the spirit means in that case? What life means in that case?

You have got to constantly think and create a third choice, your choice. And you can impose your choice: Figure out the proper rationales, and people might be willing to listen and respond accordingly.

Own your Day, your Health, and your Safety: No one will substitute to your pain

Do you think the health of Bipeds Humanoid is that different from the animal kingdom?

A couple of centuries ago, mankind was already in a trend of extinction, until medical discovery, better health care, hygiene, and infant mortality was reduced qualitatively. Vaccination and pregnancy care managed to increase mankind to 7 billion, doubling every 30 years…

I am not talking of these “one in a thousand” of the 7 billion human living on earth. These exceptions to the rule live a lifestyle where there are no appreciable distinctions between day and night, winter or summer season, circadian cycles…The only common factor they share with the common mortals is the inevitable death, when death comes

It is not that the “one in a thousand” species or “elite classes” in every State consider that “slaves” are necessary for the maintenance of social structures and are fundamental for any sustained economy and development of political systems.

It is not that the “one in a thousand” species doesn’t comprehend that “slavery is the worst indignity that mankind can suffer” (Simon Bolivar), but even worst, they want to impose on the common mankind their own rules that say: “there are no difference between day and night, winter or summer…and that the slaves have to deal with all the weather inconvenience, circadian cycle imbalances in energy, nutritional quality, clothing quality…The slaves have to deal with life hardships and keep at the beck and command of the elite classes dictate”.

Obviously, the elite class needs a mediator class: It wouldn’t touch the poor with a long pole; it refuses to be subjected to any temptation of close encounter with the “lower classes“…Any close bodily interaction might result in serious reflection, and the Temple might crumble…

In winter, most animal sleep far more than in warmer seasons: The common mortal has to wake up at the same hour, work the same number of work-day, perform as during warmer seasons…rain or shine, blizzard, tornadoes, hurricanes, frozen roads…The common mortal is commanded to deal with weather conditions any which way…The factories must function as usual, production must be sustained…

In summer time, most animals suffer from the heat: They seek shelter to cool off, and they sleep during the peek of hot hours…The common mortal must deal with crazy suffocating conditions, any which way, and is refused a napping period…Most animals have figured out the best moments to sleep and feed…The common mortal must sleep and eat at any time the boss commands him to.

Sure, mankind is not to just emulate the animal kingdom behaviors, but he has to demonstrate that he is not far more stupid than animal behavior.  Man has got to learn to obey what his body requires for the long haul.

As kids,  mankind sleeps a lot.  As they grow up they don’t feel like taking naps, but they feel sleepy by late evening, and do sleep anywhere they are… As they reached 50 years, their bodies need to nap after heavy meals, they need more sleeping hours in cold seasons, they need more time for the body to recover and stabilize and reach a sort of equilibrium for set performances…

When I was a kid, I don’t recall anything of eating, sleeping, or pissing, cold or hot weather…The body recovered quickly.  Now I need to wake up when the air has warmed up (around 9 am), I need a nap that might extend to 2 hours, I need to exercise lightly and stretch all my joints for at least 30 minutes before I attempt any activities… My body has set a different standard that I should be aware of, follow…lest I get sick, catch cold, have stomach ache, …

When I was a kid, I don’t recall sitting for a bowel movement…Let me be frank, currently If I have a satisfying bowel movement in the morning, I feel that I own the day. Nothing can touch me for the day, and I feel confident that I will not feel sick for the day…If I wait for the evening for a creamy and easy movement, it is difficult for me to go to sleep: I feel that I can go on for most of the night…If I fail to consciously try a bowel movement during one day, I am in deep trouble.

The power of the “will” means to train your brain to remember that the body can come to the rescue when feeling sleepy, apathetic, anxious… All that you may have to do is react, stand up, hop around, have a good stroll, dance, sing, shout, and just let the body get busy.

Do your best to Own your Day and your Health.  Forget the abstract notions for a moment: Your health is first, and you remember that fact when sick.  You realize that no one can substitute for your sick body and mind: Your health is your responsibility.

Fail to own your health and body, and get crippled by the age of 50.  Who care to live to be 80 if all these extended years are just succession of pains, suffering, medication, hard of hearing, almost blind, unable to walk, to read, to listen to music, to connect with the community…?

Do your best to Own your Day, your Health, and your Safety: You should be in command if you train your mind and body to obey basic common sense feedback




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