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Arabs and Moslems are antisemite? How is antisemitism defined? Isn’t this statement ridiculous?

Posted on: January 25, 2012

Arabs and Moslems are anti-Semite? How is it defined? Isn’t this statement ridiculous?

Last November, Zionism, for the first time, held a conference outside Israel and in Buenos Aires (Argentina) under the title “Modern antisemitism: Arabs and Moslems antisemitism behaviors…”.  The governors of the Jewish lobbies “for Israel” around the world attended this conference.  Among the Zionists “dignitaries” were Abraham DofDigani, Gosty Grabirman, Dan Meridor, Nathan Charensky…

It appears that the Zionists are very worried of the social platform medias and the facility of the Internet to spreading variations and opposite opinions to what Zionist wanted to have the main say in.  This new accessibility to audio-visual medium and the facilities to becoming not only receivers of information, but each consumer to be a producer of news is driving Zionists to the walls. 

Monopoly of major news medias is shifting to individual producers, customers willing to reflect, outsource and diversify their knowledge and viewpoints…

What? I thought that Near Eastern people and Arabs were classified as Semite by the Western civilization.  Or Zionism is taking the task of reclassifying people according to current political exigencies? 

Who but the successive Arabic Empires respected the Jews and permitted them to accede to the highest political and administrative positions in the Orient and in Andalusia?

What is Islam if not an extension to and an adaptation of the Jewish and Christian religions?

I received a developed comment from a reader to my blog that says:

“The more I research 9/11 and focus on getting to the bottom of the actual facts, the more I see that, invariably, when anyone points out anything about unethical or criminal activities of Israel or Israelis or Jews, regardless of whether these statements are cold, hard facts, or logical conclusions, that person is viciously attacked, fired, harassed, intimidated, threatened, and called “anti-semite,” even though the Israeli or Jewish  individuals named as perpetrators are almost always not of semite descent or indigenous semites, and the language may be devoid of any ethnic or derogatory slurs.

The paranoia and censorship and irrational venom directed toward anyone who simply states or investigates facts, revealing any Israeli or Jewish corruption as individuals or as an organization, is adding more veracity to the argument that the critics of said activities are reasonable in their assessment.

My native ancestors (US Indians) suffered a holocaust of over a hundred million, the largest in history, so I am familiar with genocide and have empathy for the Jews and anyone who has been unjustly subjected to racism and inhumanity and it is unthinkable to me that anyone could support the acts committed against them.

This is exactly why I do not support Israel or any Jewish person or Mossad in any criminal or deceptive act that inflicts those same atrocities upon others, and why it is necessary that there is a rational, unbiased presentation of any evidence that any country or group of people are involved in manipulating power, and money to control the wealth and sovereignty and freedom and well-being of MY people.

As natives, we are well aware of how the government and people who place foreign interests and exploitation above those of indigenous people lies and conspires to turn us against one another to divide us and conquer us.

The Boston Tea Party was the first false flag operation, where white invaders in our land disguised themselves as my ancestors to shift the blame onto us to achieve their agenda.

We are aware how the Europeans operate through subterfuge and lies. We were given smallpox-infested blankets by the government to kill us. The conspiracies to exterminate us started the day Columbus walked onshore.

We don’t call them “theories,” – we call it not making the same mistake again and trusting the white man. We don’t call that racist, we call it smart. We also claimed the right to defend our lands against any neighboring tribe or group who it became clear was working to destroy us, and we still do.

The Pueblos drove out the catholics and Spaniards who oppressed their people. The Apaches fought the Mexicans. The Lakota fought the Crow. This is not racism. It is anti-whoever makes themselves into your enemy.

It is the right of all people to identify any person or country or conspiracy of people who make war against them. Someone has deceived us into invading countries and killing people who never attacked us, and someone is responsible for the murder of every person killed as a result of 9/11 and the destruction of our economy and freedom.

If the Jew fits, wear it. If Muslim, Christian, white, black, Pakistan, German, American, male, female, native,  whoever it is, I am not afraid of information. We have corrupt tribal officials here, too, and just because we have been victims of racism doesn’t mean we have the right to defend them when they are exposed for crimes by calling everyone a racist who tells the truth.

Yes, there are some people who hate Jews for no reason. But the more I try to analyze the facts, the more evidence I see that some of the claims that Israelis (and Americans and others) are involved in suspicious and criminal activity related to 9/11 is apparently reasonable. They are welcome to leave.”  End of quote

Note: It is ironic that early Zionists suggested part of Argentina to be their “Homeland”, instead of Ouganda that England had suggested… The people in Argentina are very lucky not to suffer what the Palestinians have been suffering in genocide, humiliation, and indignities in the past 65 years of Zionism racism, apartheid, a crimes against humanity…

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