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Couples and families prohibited to living together: This is the new law in Israel

In 2003, the Israeli Knesset enacted a series of laws prohibiting couples and families with Israeli citizenship who married to non-Jewish people originating from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan…from living together in Israel.

Even Jewish citizens who married to non-Jews from the set of “enemy countries” have difficulties living together, and are under constant threat of being separated, at the whim of the military administrative officer order in the occupied territories of the West Bank and Gaza…

These couples and families have been denied permission to meet and celebrate under the “Law of citizenship and entrance to Israel

Since then, Israel “Supreme Court” has refused all petitions to amending and revisiting this law.

Since 2006, the Knesset decided to expand this law to including many other States deemed “unfriendly” with Israel.

Ten of thousands of families are living separate and are prohibited to rejoin.  Couples who decided to live within Israel proper are not given any guarantees for any kinds of steady and stable conditions for staying united and raising a family together.

This discriminating law is not found in any other States recognized by the UN.

This law is one of the last straws indicating the racist and apartheid nature of Zionism.

This law is smack within the “soul of Israel” which states: “More lands for far less Palestinians” and “Conducting preemptive policies to preserving the dominance of Jewish demography in the occupied lands”

These colonial policies within Israel is not new, but they have been rooted deeper and deeper in the last two decades, and made explicit by laws.

Recently, Israel has been expanding its settlements in the Negev (Naqab) desert, dismantling and erasing nomad towns and displacing the bedouins…

Thirty years ago, Israel “imported” Ethiopian “Jews” by cargo planes.  Since then, the Ethiopian Israeli citizen Jews have been subjugated to all kinds of discriminations, relegated to a third class citizens in all aspects of social and political facilities and positions. 

The Ethiopian Israeli Jew, Amir Ghethoun, wrote in the Hebrew daily Yedehot Ahronot:

I know that in the settlement of Keryat Malakhy, a group of people in the quarter of Bar Yehuda has explicitly displayed their resentments saying: “We don’t sell to Ethiopians. You recognize that a block is inhabited by Ethiopian from the stench. They are robbers.  They plant their tents in the middle of the street. They slaughter a cow and start cooking as they did in Ethiopia…

Ethiopian Jews have been blatantly discriminated against and treated as third class citizens in all social and administrative facilities…

There are no laws in Israel controlling and administering to discrimination cases. Whenever such a law exist, it is never applied...”

Discrimination in Israel is pervasive.

Since the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, the Ashkenazi class of citizens  considered all the other Jewish citizens as second class citizens.

The Ashkenazim Jews are not Semite, but mostly slavic people who adopted the Jewish religious laws governing daily customs and traditions and instituted a Kingdom in the Caucasus region that was dismantled in the year 900 and the people dispersed in Eastern Europe, living in shtetl, and inventing a new language based on the German language.

Two decades ago, the Semite Jews have been infiltrating the political scenes and the army and imposing the ancient religious daily customs.  In fact, four Jewish sects in Israel do not recognize Israel as a State: They reject the Israeli citizenship and demand to be mentioned as Jews, on the premise that only their Jewishness is representative of their status…

For examples, the extremist ultra-orthodox Jewish sects of Habad (the Lubavitch branch), Hasidim of Gour, Toldot Aharon (based in the colony of Mea Shearim), and Neturi Karta (and the radical sicairs) are mostly “anti-zionist” movements that demand the dismantlement of the State of Israel.

These sects are labelled the “crasies for God” and they refuse to work for survival, but insist on the government to support their task of focusing on reading the religious books…

Note: Post inspired from an article by Antoine Shalhat (an Israeli Palestinian correspondent) to the Lebanese daily Al Nahar, and the French weekly “Le nouvel Observateur”




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