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A task scheduled in the “daily achievement program” is not a chore…

Posted on: February 7, 2012

A task scheduled in the “daily achievement program” is not a chore…

Do you think that the task of dish-washing requiring an hour of labor is the same as if the quantity to wash is less than half an hour?  Which task is easier to carry out relevant to the duration for washing dishes?

Last month was unusually cold for Lebanon, especially for those not able to afford “fuel” for their heating systems.  Mother didn’t feel like washing dishes since we lacked running hot water, and her hands and fingers would freeze and ache.  I decided to schedule an hour after my late supper for that task.

The process is that I heat some water, donned the plastic gloves, empty the dirty containers in the toilet, add detergent in a special plastic bucket and start slowly but surely to wash dishes, utensils and pots and pans.  One item at a time and the huge pile in the sink would dwindle. I made sure to clean the entire kitchen, floor and oven.  The kitchen didn’t need any “retouch” for mother as she wakes up.

As the weather warmed up, mother returned to her old habit of washing dishes three times a day. I told her to let the sink fill to the ream, and I will take care of the task late at night, but she would not listen.  We have enough dishes, utensils, pots and pans to fill half a dozen large sinks, but habit prevails.  I know mothers who would immediately wash any single dish as it is deposited in the sink!

I had started to consider the task of dish washing as another relaxing scheduled period in my “daily achievement program”: I could focus on this task and relax…

With fewer dirty dishes in the sink that would not require that much duration, I don’t bother with the washing.  I could schedule this shorter task into my program, but it feels more of a chore, a harassment than anything else. I am not doing dish-washing unless the sink is almost filled.

Obviously, if we had warm running water, mother would be very thrilled to dip her hands in the warm sink, and alleviate the aches in her arthritic hands.

A task scheduled in the “daily achievement program” is not a chore: It is a task well done, with contentment.

A bonus story: I know people who are smart enough to quickly discover the shaky premises in their passions, and thus, they are unable to sustain a passion for long enough to bear fruits.  They invent an ingenious excuse like: “I am genetically prone to periodic mood swing and depressive phases”, and they promote their condition.  Soon, they start deeply believing their created excuse: They cannot function normal unless they exhume or discover a temporary passion to drive their days…In few instances, they participate in long protracted benevolent projects and carry the project through, only to relapse to the “depressive mood” after the project is over:  The tedious and demanding well done project was sort of compensation for having dropped out in so many programs and projects…They are seeking a new passions…another round of depressive phases…

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