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Is mankind mostly a delusional specie?

Posted on: February 20, 2012

Is mankind mostly a delusional specie?

In a previous post, I described how cosmologists are trying hard to convince us that their alternative story for the “creation of the universe” is scientific, and I mentioned that most of the “scientific” premises and methodology were lacking for that assertion.

It dawned on me that maybe mankind is a delusional specie that sets him apart from the animal kingdom: As our brain developed, we tried to untangle two imponderable questions:

First question: “Why do we have to die?”

Second question: “What’s there after life?”

I think the second question is a corollary outcome once we settle on the first unresolved and impossible question.

The rational mind discovered that we “do die”, but why?  The emotional mind refuses this statement to the last second.

The rational mind observes the fact that “what is left is a handful of dust, after what worms, insects, and fish… carried away as useful…”

The emotional mind is constantly revolting and insists on constructing a religious resolution “to this indignity”.  “What! A lifetime of suffering, pains, struggling for a bit of dignity, fighting to learn how to gain a sense of entitlement…All that labor and determination for just a handful of dust?  How much Dust is worth, how much can we increase dust value to make it worthwhile living…?”

Mankind is delusional because he learned to institutionalize “cheating”:  Mankind is a cheater to himself.

For example, why do you have to quote a sentence from a book that you failed to read? Are you trying to show-off your vast knowledge when you are a total ignorant? Why “academic” research and “researched book” join a reference section that is longer than the content of the book? Have these researchers actually read all these books they referred to? Have they digested and agreed with all the content of all these books?

Why quote from a source that you didn’t read? Why not boldly own the sentence as your own? If you adopted an idea as what describe your position, then own it.  Whoever wrote the sentence he certainly borrowed it from a previous writer in different forms and shapes: Mankind civilization is a constant streams of borrowed ideas and concepts…whose time has come!

Refrain from disseminating institutionalized academic cheat.  Be bold: What you believe in is yours and stop harassing people with too many quotes that do not add value to any idea that is well described, explained, and researched.

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