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Design savvy don’t sell: You dress according to where you want to be

Posted on: February 24, 2012

Design savvy don’t sell: You dress according to where you want to be

Current values emanate from introspection: This modern self-analysis stems from reading a lot. We tend to ask ourselves: “Am I happy? What would satisfy me?…” As we read, we are bound to construct a model of ourselves…

Sean Adams of Adams Morioka said in an interview with Debbie Millman:

“The logo is NOT the brand: The logo is a nice foundation, an identifier, but it is mostly irrelevant.  A brand is a promise of an experience”  You just can promise if you have no intention of keeping your promises of an experience in the long haul.  Even the slightest appearance of dishonesty can destroy a brand…

Quality is job number two: It is a given, unless the product is delivering a much higher standard than expected.

A brand is conveying a coded message in a consumer context. The code is: “I am in this group. This is my tribe. These are the rules. These behaviors are acceptable…” A brand is sending a telegraphic statement, done in different ways, over the course of human history.  A brand should send an “authentic” message of to whom you belong; it must communicate emotion, resonance, and bring joy, delight into our lives, be seductive and life-affirming…

My dad drove a clunker of a car and I refused to ride it to school. (It was the same story with my nieces and nephews: They did duck their heads as we approached school…)

For example, in the 18th century, your name was the brand: Where you stood in life.  The Kennedy tribe make sure to include “Kennedy” in their long convoluted composite names…

I am sitting in a conference and Adbusters folks where proposing a “Buy Nothing Day” while selling Adbusters T-shirts and subscription on their website.  You are bound to trade everyday, and we are all consumers, one way or another. Why?

People enjoy shopping because we have the hunter-gatherer instinct.  Women love to shop: They were typically the hunter-gatherer for the nuts, berries…while men went hunting animals.  You cannot suffer living in a world of mostly grey colored: How else could you discriminate among poisonous berries…?

When you do good brand design and sell more products, you keep jobs and send kids to schools…

An icon should be neutral to withstand cultural generational shifts. An icon or logo must be a reminder of the sustained efforts and investment needed in order to make the brand recognizable for the long-term.   Design savvy is good for downtown gallery…

I want a message to be legible and clear for my grandmother!

Why the early fans, the bleeding-edge,refuse to embrace their “brand” music once it becomes mainstream? Most probably, because it isn’t good enough anymore.  I like the Beach Boys because Brian Wilson made his craft songs look effortless and accessible to all.

Note: Sean and Noreen Morioka launched their design company in 1993.  They branded Sundance, Univ. of Southern California, visual architecture for the Academy of Motion Picture, Mohawk, Fine papers, Nickelodeon’s…

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