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“You buy into the experience first, then the product…”: Stanley Hainsworth

Posted on: February 26, 2012

“You buy into the experience first, then the product…” : Stanley Hainsworth

Stanley Hainsworth said in an interview with debbie Millman: ” Emotional connection is a repeated, reliable satisfaction of consumers wants, desires, or needs. Best brands work on the unconscious need: As the brand offers a little bit of higher performance fun, a connection is established.  Best brands create the “End-State” first.  For example, the after effect of Apple commercial in 1984.

There was a big ambitious and deliberate scenario when Howard Schultz came to Starbucks.  For example, in Milan (Italy), people caught up on the news while drinking their first cups of espresso.  Designing a social environment for people to connect in the US, to communicate certain culture…creating a “third place” with proper and comfortable furniture, artwork, music was necessary for the coffee business to take-off…

Experience is generated at every single brand touchpoint such as ads, retail environment, online facilities… For example, Nike’s message is “I play sport and Nike’s shoes look good with jeans…”

Microsoft has never been able to tell a story: There’s no love there. The story must fit with target consumers ‘characteristics.

I clearly remember the day and the store I first bought my pair of Adidas.  I had to maw lawns to get the Adidas and then, my world changed: I felt I needed toearn more money to buy what I wanted…

Brands have always to go back to their core and get rid of most of the created frills not connected directly with the core business.

You need to go back to the origins when the brand connected with consumers and identify how the process worked and became relevant to family, community, culture…The question is: “What niche the brand filled at its start?”

The irony is that nobody has to have Starbucks coffee or Nike shoes: We can live without and they are not essential to life

Note 1: I overheard that Starbucks is contributing money to Israel army, to building more Israeli settlement on Palestinian occupied lands…Is supporting apartheid the message of Starbucks?

Note 2: Stanley Hainsworth is chief creative officer of Tether. He was a former vice president of Global Creative at Starbucks, and creative director at Nike…

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