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South Yemen: From Marxist to Extreme Islamist in less than 3 decades?

Posted on: March 12, 2012

South Yemen: From Marxist to Extreme Islamist in less than 3 decades?

Currently, the US fighter airplanes and particularly drones are engaged in bombing Qaeda forces in South Yemen. The US forces landed in the military base of 3ind in the Lahj province and are participating in operations, along with French troops, and what is left of the Yemeni army, led by the son of deposed President Ali Abdallah Saleh.  Yesterday, the US launched 6 missiles on an “arm depot” in the mountainous region of Khanfar, close to the town of Jaar: Over 40 Al Qaeda militias were dead.

What kind of succession is this, after over a year brutal repression of a popular uprising? What the Yemenis could hope from a deal arranged by absolute monarchs and Emirs in Qatar and Saudi Arabia? (See note)

Lately, the extreme Moslem forces, wrapped under al Qaeda Wahhabi sect umbrella, have dominated South Yemen and conquering one province after another, in quick takeover operations and imposing their brand of Chari3a (the Wahhabi Saudi Arabia kind).

The “Al Qaeda forces” are ruling the 3azan, Abine, Lahj, Hadramout, Shabwat and Bidaa provinces. So far over 200 Yemeni soldiers and officers have been killed and scores injured and taken hostages. 

The al Qaeda forces are threatening to execute the 73 soldiers and officers unless the “authorities” liberate their own prisoners.

Mind you that before South Yemen decided to unite with North Yemen, 30 years ago, under the former Sargent Ali Abdallah Saleh, it was the most Marxist established regime in the Middle-East.

Two years before the civil war, the Northern region of Shia Yazdi were at war with Saudi Arabia.

The most disheartening feeling at the time was that you don’t see field reporting of this civil war by the western media.  The written accounts are from second-hand sources and decades old. They abridge the problem by stating it is a tribal matter. They feel comfortable blaming Iran.  How the land locked north region, bordering Saudi Arabia, can be supplied by Iran needs to be clarified.

The western media is easily convinced that Al Qaeda moved from Saudi Arabia and was ordered to infiltrate the Somali refugee camps in South Yemen, before moving up to the north.  How Al Qaeda got to be located in a region of North West Yemen with Shia Yazdi population is totally irrelevant to foreign “war correspondents”.

The population of North West Yemen forms the third of the total and it is Yezdi Shia that agrees to seven Imams and not 12 as in Iran; the Yazdi sect does not care that much about the coming of a “hidden” Mahdi to unite and save Islam.  

The western media want you to believe that this war, which effectively started in 2004, is a succession problem to prevent the son of current President Abdallah Saleh from inheriting the power. Actually Saleh’s son is the head of the Presidential Guard which has been recently involved in the war, after the regular army failed to bring a clear-cut victory against the Yazdi rebels.  And now this son hold the most potent military post to quell the Al Qaeda rebels in South Yemen.  Is that confusing to you? Not to me, but how to explain simply the ugly foreign meddling in Yemen sociopolitical structure?

Yemen was a backward States even in the 60’s.  South Yemen had a Marxist regime backed by the Egyptian troops of Jamal Abdel Nasser against North Yemen ruled by an ancient Yazdi Imam; a hereditary regime labeled the “Royalists” and backed by Saudi Arabia.

After the Soviet Union disintegrated Yemen unified in 1990.  Since then, South Yemen and North West Yemen were deprived of the central State financial and economic distribution of wealth.  President Saleh could present the image of a “progressist” leader as long as Yemen was out of the screen and nobody cared about this bankrupt State.

Yemen is on the verge of being divided into three separate autonomous States, the South, North West, and Sanaa the Capital.  The problems in the Horn of Africa have migrated its endemic instability into Yemen; refugees from Somalia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Sudan have been flocking into the southern shores of Yemen for same climate. 

Heavy influx of contraband products are keeping the people of these two regions precariously afloat. The deal between Hillary Clinton and Israel foreign affairs Levny to patrol the Indian Ocean was not just meant for Gaza, but mainly to prepare President Saleh for his 2009 campaign against the rebels in North Yemen by monitoring contraband arms shipments to the “hawssy” rebels.

Saudi Arabia, during the duo power brokers of Prince Sultan and Neyef (respectively Ministers of Defense and the Interior) did their best to destabilize Yemen on account of fighting the spread of the Shia sect in the Arabic Peninsula. Yemen has no natural resources to count on and the population is addicted to “Qat” that they chew on at lunch time for hours.

Saudi Arabia was the main financial sources to Yemen tribes.  Yemeni tribal leaders received monthly stipends, and they still do, in order to maintain the status-quo in the last three decades.

The western States, Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf Emirates want you to believe that the main enemy is Iran.  The reality is that Extreme Islam, the Al Qeada Saudi Arabia supported kind, have the Middle -East and Africa locked up from the east, west and north. 

On the eastern front, their regimes stretch from Pakistan, South Yemen, Somalia, Kenya…

On the western front, their forces are actually running the regimes in Mauritania, Mali and Senegal…and infiltrating deep into Niger, Chad, and norther Nigeria…

On the northern front, they have taken over Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, and Egypt…

For all support to all these bankrupt States and famished population, Saudi Arabia keep building mosques, distributing free their Wahhabi Coran version and Hadith brand book on how to subjugate women…and distributing arms to these extreme obscurantist rebels…

The US knows that obscurantist Saudi Arabia is the real nemesis in the spreading of Islamist extremists everywhere Moslems are majority, but it prefers oil on world stability…


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