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What else the Syrian regime can deliver? Nothing much…

Posted on: March 13, 2012

What else the Syrian regime can deliver?

The dictatorial regime in Syria has demonstrated capabilities of being in control in the following areas:

1. The institutions could hold a referendum on not a seriously valid Constitution (see note)

2. The military machine was able to put down the armed uprising in Baba Amro and several other cities such as Edleb…

3. The regime was able to lure the non-violent initial movements into taking arms;

4. It exhibited political astuteness of focusing its arrows on the absolute monarchies of Saudi Arabia and the Emirs of the Gulf States that have stepped forward as the most zealot supporters for democratic processes and rights of freedom of speech and gathering…

5. The regime was able to divide the opposition movements…

6. The regime is promising a parliamentary election in May…

Good. What else the Syrian regime can deliver or is ready to deliver, after the armed alternative did not solve the problems?

Mind you that the regime is based on three pillars: A President with absolute power, the military institution, and the security services. All these institutions are packed with the tailor-made “One -Party monopoly” of the Baath Party members and Alawit sect.  If any one of these pillars decide to break-up with the regime, the entire regime structure will inevitably crumble in no time.  That is why, each one of these pillars defends the atrocities of the other two structures and fail to severely condemn their serious faults and mistakes.

With these three institutions rooted in four decades of privileges and benefits, can anyone envision any viable consensus among them to reform the system according to the aspiration of a people sick and tired of this boring and tiresome climate of absurdities and stagnation?

No, Bashar Assad has no practical leverage to decide on his own without the tacit consent of the other two institutions.

Can the three pillars simultaneously agree on the Arab League program?

Do you believe that such a power structure can reach a negotiated deal for a convincing “transitional government” without the three powers be represented heavily in the government?

So far, the regime had it easy rallying the support of the majority of the population, given that the loudest voices against it are coming from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the USA, France, and England…

Mind you that most” Arabs” know, without a shadow of a doubt, that the previous loud States have never delivered on democracy and freedom of expression in the Arab States:  They all supported dictators, oligarchs, and absolute monarchs…These States main objective has always been and still is to divide the Arab States, keep the people in constant turmoil in typical colonial mentality, in order to dominate and exploit their resources and have a vast market for selling products…

If Hilary Clinton could once condemn Israel terror activities and stop blaming the Palestinians, and the artisanal mini rockets launched in retaliation of Israel frequent initiatives to assassinate their leaders under various lame excuses, maybe the Arab individual might ponder on Hilary’s hysterical hate for the Syrian regime….

The regime had it easy rallying the support of the majority of the population simply because the opposing States lack credibility in what they are demanding the regime to do or not to do…

As long as the regime is in a state of wait for the the follow-up dictum of Russia and China “another set demonstrations of the regime control of the civil and military institutions”, the Islam extremists will be gaining ground as wild fire spread, and the people of Syria will lose all the social and economical acquisitions since its independence.  Another example of potential well-educated Iraqis will be destroyed for decades to come.

So far, the regime has lost its dignity and face-saving alternatives: The masses are celebrating its downfall in songs and dances, and editing traditional songs into lyrics strongly attacking the regime and the Assad family…

Singing is the best outlet for what we are forbidden to say, and which should not be kept ignored, and which cannot be vocally censured. Singing and dancing are the best expressions of hope against a climate of oppression.  Daily singing events in town and villages lambasting the regime are natural outcome when the masses have shed their fear and long for freedom, at last.

The regime knew full well what message singing was sending and it assassinated singers such as Ibrahim Kashoush, the first one to start chanting in mass demonstrations in Homs, and the kid  Hamzat Khatib for chanting “Syria wants freedom”, and cutting-off the hands of cartoonist Ali Farsat…

Note: On the new Syria Constitution

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