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Why 40% of my blog readers are generated in the US? One of the many surprises…

Posted on: March 14, 2012

Why 40% of my blog readers are generated in the US? One of the surprises…

WordPress surprised me twice this week. Did you notice a world map, plenty of colorful flags on the stats page? When I pressed on Summary, a week-long statistics of my readers located around the world was displayed. The second surprise is my realization that I am read in 90 countries! I double ckecked the count.  China is not among the countries: Just figure out the astronomical increase in hits if China gets engaged in reading my blog.

As is the typical law on living phenomena, 20% of the pool accounts for 80% of the activities. For example, 40 countries registered 3 hits or less each.  The US accounted for about 40% of readers, and the cohort of England, India, Canada, Germany and Australia accounted for another 20%, and another 20% for countries registering over 3 hits. My question is: “Why the US is overwhelmingly first?”.  You may add your reasons to the list of possibilities:

1. Maybe over 80% in the US read in only one language: One of the English dialects,

2.  The US had a good head-start in social platforms and internet facilities

3. WordPress was established and is located in the US, and readers in the US were more familiar with this wordpress

4.  They are sick and tired of working two jobs and going nowhere: Investing in reading and surfing the net is the best “sanity savior” remedy

5. Reading in different sources is the best way to acquiring better skills, such as “Occupying” streets and squares longer, more efficiently, and learning new tactics to counter the Israeli “mob dispersing and dislodging” techniques adopted by the US police

6. Many of my articles deal with the US crisis

7. Many of my articles deal with world crisis and resolution alternatives

8.  My sources of knowledge, information, and intelligence sources are generated from three languages Arabic, French, and English

9. My sources are from hard copy books, magazines, documentaries, dailies, the net, social platforms and in three languages

10. My posts are secular in nature. When I approach a religious matter it is strictly from historical context and its political nature

11. I reviewed over 200 books in three languages, and exhaustively, and a few of the important books that I reviewed were done one chapter at a time, in series…

12. My blog is versatile, concise, and on target: My posts are about 800 words and distant from the confusing and tiresome journalistic style…Over 45 categories

13. I was bold enough to write my autobiography and included my diaries…

14. I published three fiction novels, and eye-witness testimonials of civil wars

15. The US has the highest per capita usage of internet access (except for Finland, which is not a reliable factor in my case, since Finland was no where on the screen of the Stats…)

I like these kinds of surprises. India is getting hot (second to England). Lebanon is picking up steam (over 20 hits last week). Keep surprising me.

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