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2 Responses to "“We want to know” site on Lebanon civil war? It is never too late"

all what is going round any events of our past civil war in lebanon is useful so as to avoid that such savage war would never take place again.
what worries me nowadays is the so called revolution in syria and how the media is taking its roll knowing that when our civilwar in lebanon we did not have internet and we could not see such films about how one part is killing the other part or how one who support the regime claining that all those assasinations are comited by alqaidaa in the approvment of Saudi arabia or turky ,the united states of america the nato etc..
while on the other hand you could see in you tube how the opposition claim that those alawitas are religious and they do not believe in god and reAL islam as if only the true islam, are the sunnis and all those chiis are terrible have no god and they are but full of bullshit and in the name of their own god they kill all whose name is omar and rape their wifes and children .
i personally believe that both are on the wrong side and it is shameful that they use their own enemies in order to acheive their aim which is the power either in the name of muslem brotherhood though they make a secret treatment and loyelty to the zionists and careless about the palestenien ,on the other hand the syrian regime try to keep power getting china and russia to help them in the united nations not because both great nations love palesteine and are against imperialism is but for political and geostategic reasons apart of the energetic resources.
at the end though i am lebanese and was away from our lebanese civilwar i dare say that our attitudes always lead to anendless way and we give from our own blood all our wealth earth and honor to the enemy we must be prowd being from a great nation which is the great syria for we have a great history and we should keep our honour and pride safe from what is wrong ugly and bad to humaniity for we love beauty grace and the truth .
god bless my nation and my blood is for its construction and not for its destruction.

If we had internet and social platform back then, the western major medias would have covered the crisis in Lebanon more seriously and our civil war would not have dragged on for so long…

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