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You can’t demonstrate the Future: Who is Fatima Qandil

Posted on: March 19, 2012

You can’t demonstrate the Future: Who is Fatima Qandil

Egyptian poet Fatima Qandil wrote:

In revolutions do not listen to the words of elders: A revolution does not expose the elder.

The elders fight is not interested in your fight:  They are fighting to prove that the past is present and the present is the future.

The elders come to you with all the texts that prove this.

The youth is fighting for “to be” future image of the past and present, and you do not have enough time to prove this to the elders.

You do not have a Chair and a table sitting on them.  And the elders texts are not in your bag and leaf.

Not able to “prove” anything, because you have the truth and are pushing out into freedom.

Saul Williams wrote:

“I’m hip to their game, hip to the science of war
Propaganda makes me fight, but what am I fightin for?
My way of life? Beans and rice? Give and take, less or more?
See through the eyes of the poor, plus I’m black to the core
Ignorance is on tour bookin stadiums and more
The days of hitler painted pictures patriotic before
You raise your flag on a land snatched from bald eagles claw,

And stamp the symbol on your currency to finance your war.
I’m sayin no.
Not in my name.
Not in my life.
Not by my hands.
That ain’t my fight.
Not in my name.

You wage your war against terrorists and violence,

And try to wave your guns and fear us all into silence.


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