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Obsessed with Toulouse killing: CNN and French channels three day-long coverage

Posted on: March 22, 2012

Obsessed with Toulouse killing: CNN and French channels three day-long coverage, and counting

For the last two days, French channels show but this tragedy. The non-arrested killer of two “Jewish kids” and the father in front of a school in the French city of Toulouse has already been identified as an Algerian French national named Muhammad Mrah (24 of age). Over 300 French special police force are encircling the hideout of the perpetrator.(See note)

The French President moved his ass to the location of the massacre to deliver his condolence. The French foreign minister flew to Israel to share in the funeral… And the minister of the interior parked in front of where the killer is hiding, and is playing the reporter journalist game in the coverage…I wondered.

1.  It happened that three French soldiers were also assassinate the day before in south France, and coverage was not that grandiose, by any long shot…

2. What would happen if French national Palestinian kids were killed in France? Would the coverage be as exhaustive and harassing? If you think this won’t be the case, should a few Palestinian kids be killed to compare how France respond?

3. Muhammad Mrah was jailed in 2007 in Kandahar (Afghanistan) and fled from prison after Taliban entered the prison and freed the prisoners. The assassin was caught again by the Afghan police and the US army returned him to France.  Why?

4. Are “Arab” voters in France less numerous than “Jews”? Are “Arabs” French nationals not well-integrated?

Antoine Shalhat reported from Akka (Israel) that Nazi incineration of the Jews has been considered as the most strategic asset for harnessing the foundation of the “existence of Israel” and constitute the “identity” of the Israelis…

Benjamin Netanyahu PM made the Shoah the cornerstone for his last two speeches during the convention of US IPAC and in the Knesset.

Abraham Borg, former Israel President, wrote in his book “Let’s vanquish Hitler”: “It is not possible to decode the reality of Israel without comprehending the significance of the Nazi burning of Jews, particularly, its vicious exploitation in order to transfer the Palestinians from their homes and villages…Apparently, the Israeli authority made it sound like everything is permitted to Israel, simply because the Jews witnessed the holocaust…and nobody is entitled to tell us what to do…”

Abraham Borg stressed that the Israeli citizens are made victims for this perpetual non-stop loop of recounting and remembering the holocaust: The israeli are made to cow under the feeling of the next soon to come genocide, as if Israel has no atomic bombs and is not the most powerful military power in the Middle-East…( Thanks to the US and Germany: Germany has already delivered 6 nuclear submarines to Israel and has signed on a seventh, all paid by the German taxpayers…)

Dr. Ruth Amir, chairperson of polyvalent research at the “3amiq Israel” college, wrote in her book “The funny politics”: “Since its recognition in 1948 as a State, Israel adopted the concept of the victim, and disseminated this view by relying on the holocaust, in order to legitimize Israel policies, and purify it from all the sins and wrongdoing that it committed so far, and is planning on executing…”

The problem with this strategy is that most Jews around the world refuse to submit to this blackmail and have no guilt feeling against the enemies that Israel keeps inventing.

As if the Palestinians and the “Arabs” were the cause of the holocaust, and not the colonial racist Europeans. As if the “Arabs” were not on the Nazi list of extermination, ranked even higher than the Jews. Fortunately, there were no Arabs in Nazi Germany…

Note 1: A sniper killed the assassin: France of  Sarkozy is in no mood for this hot political trial of whatever failure it might be accused of.  Muhammad Mrah was jailed 15 times for violent acts in his teenage, before he got indoctrinated, and he was on the close watch list for 4 months since he returned to France.  Mrah killed 7 people in total within two days, and seriously injured another soldier.  Mrah had killed 3  French soldiers who served in Afghanistan, two of them were Moslems and from Algeria…

Note 2: President Sarkozy promised to put to trial and penalize anyone accessing “rogue” sites or receiving military training in “rogue” States.  And I wonder: would a French Zionist be also dragged to trial if he access Jewish ultra nationalist sects sites or receive training in apartheid and theocratic Israel?

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