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Two species of mankind: Sorted out not long ago

Posted on: March 24, 2012

Two species of mankind: Sorted out not long ago

I watched the second half of a documentary that made sense to me.  The topic is: “How mankind separated from the chimp species?”

About 8 million years ago,  a few types of chimps made the regions close to river beds and lakes their residence of choice.  You can always see chimps, particularly the younger ones, jumping from tree branches and rocks into rivers and repeating these feats until exhaustion: They love to jump in water…

Our ancestors, while jumping and playing in rivers and in the lakes, were observing the fish and the underwater universe.

They caught a fish by hand and liked this new food substitute.  They discovered that eating one fish saved them from the tedious hours of searching and eating fruits.  Consequently, they could devote more time playing and jumping into the river and cooling off.

Gradually, their techniques and methods of catching fish improved, and fish was their main source for necessary protein to developing their brain…Obviously, for another couple of million years they kept balancing on tree branches and hopping from tree to tree and eating plenty of fruit, while eating more fish…

By the by, our ancestors learned to swim and go deeper into the river.  How that happened?

The buoyancy of water made their weight lighter and they felt that they could walk on two legs in water much easier than previous attempts on the dry land…and they could catch fish more efficiently standing on their hind legs…

The muscles of the back and stomach grew fitter to sustain an erect position, and they could walk for longer distance on the dry land…

They learned to float on the fallen and rotten tree branches, and many other feats…

Natural calamities and clan rivalry pushed many clans to venture deeper inland: They didn’t need dense forest trees to progress effortlessly…

Most probably, the chased out clans converged to another river tributaries: They love to jump into rivers and swim and eat fish…

A few of these clans had to climb hills, mountains, semi-desert regions, even cold regions

The problem was that rivers up north are colder, more violent, and freeze most of the year: The daily fish catching exercise is changed into hunting red meat smaller animals to compensate for their lack of protein available in fish… The prey got larger as the brain grew larger, more organized, and more violent by the kill…

For simplicity, I call these mankind species that transferred to colder regions, mountain, and high altitude plateau as “Mountain species“, as opposed to the “Sea species” of the lower altitude lands and river delta regions

Mountain species grew harder bones, heavier legs and buttocks, and swimming was harder for them. Eating red meat poisoned the Mountain species, physically and mentally, and they acquired violent mood swings and insanity was prevalent among them:  They killed their own kind more frequently, and occasionally ate their victims.

The life-span of Mountain specie was significantly (statistically) shorter than the river species because of the more dangerous activities, more prevalence of aches and pains in the lower back, swelling knees and ankles, heart attacks… They preferred to attack neighboring clans who were more settled and engaged in agriculture, and abducted females to serve them in old age (around 30 year-old at best)

River species disseminated falsehoods that the mountain species had great characteristics and physical strength…just to encourage more to vacate the crowded river regions…The river specie knew full well that the clans perched on mountain tops were actually a bunch of cowards:  They preferred to have their ass freeze rather than come down and reclaim their right to “eat fish”

Six decades ago, the two species have been merging. How?

1. Water sources are polluted and toxic: Fish, fruit, vegetable, cereal…are all poisoned from herbicides, pesticides, chemical fertilizers,  toxic waste…Mankind is poisoned from the womb…and growing violent by the years and certified insane…

2. Except in the rich and developed States, with affordable indoor chlorinated swimming pool and accessible clean beaches to the common people…, mankind is acquiring  the characteristics of the mountain species type at increased rate, and turning more violent, and heavier in the hips, and suffering from musculoskeletal chronic ailments...

3. With the advent of computer and TV… our standing position skeletal is less and less performing

I can conjecture that within less than another 6 decades, mankind with revert back to the “four-legged posture”:  The hands will not touch the floor directly because extension appliances to the arms will be adorned by “hand-shoes” for restricted short-distance ambulatory exercises around the restricted studios…

Note 1:  The documentary inspired the river species and how mankind managed to walk in an erect position.  The rest of the story is of my conjectured reconstituted history of mankind

Note 2:

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