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Israel “Routine” occupation activities. And Iran will not be attacked

Posted on: March 29, 2012

Israel “Routine” occupation activities. And Iran will not be attacked. Period.

The Beitslim Israeli organization, Israel Center for intelligence on violations of Human Rights in the occupation Territories in the West bank and Gaza,issued a report stating that Israel harsh violations had dramatically increased in the territories in 2011.

The deterioration is not due to any unusual events or special activities, but simply a continuation of the prevalent Routine practised by the  army in the last 45 years of occupation.

The occupation of the territories in 1967 was supposed to be of a temporary nature, and the UN resolution is specific about the withdrawal of Israel.  What was to be temporary evolved to a permanent occupation policy that is shattering the democratic system in Israel. (This temporary nature reminds me of the occupation of Syria to Lebanon since 1976, or the occupation of Israel to south Lebanon for 25 years…)

This “melancholic routine in the occupied lands“, and of continuous subjugation and humiliation of an entire Palestinian population, was described in detailed eye-witness accounts by Israeli soldiers who served in the occupied lands.  The latest 348-page book “Occupied territories: Testimonials of soldiers between 2000 and 2010” report the accounts of soldiers to the reporters of the Israeli organization “Let’s break the Silence barrier

The discussion of the report should be made public: The fresh new army recruits replacing the “veterans” in the territories are blinded by established clichés that perpetrate violent activities against the civil Palestinians…The army, the civic communities in Israel and the politicians persist in avoiding to look the occupation beast in the face.

Mark Twain once wrote: “Three are precious in the USA: freedom of expression, liberty of conscience, and the hypocrisy of flaunting the previous values in times of self-serving crisis”

Actually, Israel campaign to attacking Iran nuclear facilities is a strategic smokescreen meant to pressure the Obama administration at desisting putting Israel under the strong public lights for failing to abide by the UN decisions of stopping the settlement activities…This campaign is simply asking Obama to say: “Alright Netanyahu. Go and play with the settlement activities.  Iran is a superpower problem to manage…”

Note 1: Post partially inspired by a piece reported from Israel by Antoine Shalhat for the Lebanese daily Al Nahar

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