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“The Town syndrome”: A community affliction

Posted on: April 15, 2012

New disease I call “Beit-Chabab Syndrome”

This disease has nothing to do directly with the long civil war of Lebanon that lasted 17 years , which started on April 13, 1975 and ended with all the militia/mafia “leaders” taking control and ruling Lebanon for 30 years. And they are still thinking they constitute the “deep State” after bankrupting Lebanon, government, banks and Central Bank…

The new generations do not recall anything about this war that killed over 200,000 and injured and handicapped 400,000 out of 3 million citizens. then

The new generation is still following the same sectarian/feudal warlords that lead the militias, the same warlords who were appointed ministers and deputies, and are still governing us, instead of being prosecuted as war criminals and be in jails.

This disease has nothing to do directly with hundreds of thousand who immigrated for greener pastures and come to visit Lebanon as tourists, build a villa and never set foot in, buy lands for the future, and contribute money for the same warlord leaders who refuse to die…

This disease I call “Beit-Chabab Syndrome” has nothing to do directly with my hometown being considered The Town a century ago and is currently simply a sleepy quiet town.

A century ago, Beit-Chabab was the The Town of skilled people in all kinds of work, civil, carpentry, pottery, silk clothing, church  bells…and sending forth caravan to bring in cereals and wheat from Syria and the Bekaa Valley…

What is happening?

You have this mother living in Paris most of the year. She married her son in Paris.  Four months later, she returned to town in Lebanon.

Through third and fourth intermediaries, she disseminated the news that her son is coming for a week to receive congratulations (for getting married).

Nothing wrong with accepting congratulation, mind you.  The hicks is that all her close relatives and cousins and elder aunts and uncles are at walking distance, but she preferred not to pay them any visit and tell them the “great news”.

Most of the aunts and uncles cannot even get out of their homes, and they are supposed to hire ambulances so that they pay their “respect” to her, as if she is a big shot and running for any kind of election…

This is not an isolated case of twisted “personal aggrandisement” that is spreading in Lebanon, particularly imported from overseas immigrants who consider Lebanon a short stop for hectic vacation activities and hubris.

This weird “culture” is not even acquired from overseas, but a blend of everything bad that the Lebanese confused imagination and distorted psychic know how to combine into the most ridiculous behavior…

A couple of years ago, these immigrants used to throw a dinner or invite the elders and close cousins to a restaurant as a gesture of saying: “Sorry, our time is limited and we could not visit with you individually. Please accept our good intention…”

The couple came and left, and I don’t know how many decided to swallow their humiliation, bought a $200 gift…just to show respect to the mother…who didn’t even finish secondary school, and is young enough to resume studying if she put her mind into it.  Instead of inventing crappy sick methods of proving that she is suffering from Alzheimer…

I was told that a few cousins tried to put aside this twisted new unorthodox invitation and called upon the mother for an “appointment” to meet with the couple, and they were told that the couple will not be home for the day…

And the couple came and left.  How often will this couple come and go before we meet them?

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