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How to resolve the economic crisis in fun? So simple and straightforward…

Posted on: April 15, 2012

So simple and straightforward: How to resolve the economic crisis in fun?

Middle-age professor of economics, Kevin O’Rourke, discovered the culprits for this financial crisis in his post of October 2011. O’Rourke wrote on who are “The Markets makers“.  They are:

1. “The Markets” are the young trade merchants (22 to 27-year) who graduated in business  schools mentality of liberal capitalism.

2. These young trade merchants possess the mentality and emotional intelligence of Junior-cycle secondary school students.

3. They want their fast cars, slick yacht, current life-style cloths and amenities…right away. That’s all they want to satisfy their ambitions…

If we accept these premises, and Kevin might be correct in the human dynamics, the best strategy to revert to normal and natural market course, in order to ease its way out of this morass, is for the governments to budget what it costs to give away a fast car, a slick yacht, an expensive Rolex… to every newly hired graduate trade merchant..

The rational is that, with their immediate craves satisfied up-front, the young trade merchants will lose the drive to spew out countless crazy “financial products”, projects and programs to bilking people…

The senior middle-aged trade merchants will enjoy more time to actually read, study, and digest the crazy programs, and decide wisely, as they generally do?

Great idea: No longer the need to abuse the young graduates with addiction to cocaine and prostitutes in order to destroy the natural process of doing business and amassing money…

Similarly, getting a degree will become so much more fun and an ambitious project to getting higher education…

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