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“Palestinian Third Intifada is inevitable (civil disobedience)” : Akifa Eldar in Ha’aretz

Posted on: April 26, 2012

“Palestinian Third Intifada is inevitable”: Akifa Eldar in Ha’aretz

The two incidents of the problems in Tel Olbanah (Beit Eeel) and how the commandant Shalom s behaved in front of foreigner supporters of the Palestinian (He smashed the face of a foreign supporter with the butt of his gun) demonstrated the weak points of the Israeli government.

Apparently, the Israeli mind failed to find a unified policy that would link occupation with democracy and basic human rights. The Israeli settlers know how to rob and occupy Palestinian properties, but they are helpless when inspectors such as Dror Atax and Hafit Afran divulge the atrocities and murder committed by the colons who are supported by the Israeli military…Israel judicial system was impotent in impose the State of Law and Democracy

Israel claims that its air force is trained to “surgically hit targets”, but the government goes hysteric and out of its mind facing peaceful foreign bikers strong with cameras…Israel internal secret service (Shabak) claims that he is a master in uncovering the location of “terrorists”, but is totally blind on how to confronting peaceful civil disobedience movement…

In the 1987 Palestinian civil disobedience (Intifada), a single Palestinian (Dr. Mubarak Awad) drove Israel government totally insane. Awad organized non-violent demonstrations, gathered people in discussion meetings, and planted trees on lands occupied by settlers…How Israel responded?

Issac Shamir PM, defense minister Issac Rabin and foreign minister Shimon Peres decided to transfer Dr. Mubarak Awad out of the State on the ground that he is an “agitator”. This decision upset the US and the dailies all over the world were critical of Israel decision.

During the peak of the Arab Spring upheaval, Dr. Mubarak Awad told me, sitting in his office in the American University at Washington DC, that “peaceful non-violent movements are the main activities that drive Israel to the wall and will force the Zionist State to start serious peaceful negotiations. The key for any peaceful resolution is in the hand of the oppressor.

Unfortunately, the Palestinian defunct Authority of Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas are busy accumulating wealth and luxury items, and assisting their progeny to succeed to their power…Abbas is traveling wearing suits and neckties and begging the world community to do what are his responsibilities.

President Barack Obama promise Abbas an independent Palestinian Homeland after his re-election, if the Palestinian Authority desist from submitting its request to the UN at his junction…

The Israelis are claiming that if the situation of the Palestinians in the occupied lands were that desperate they would have inevitably transformed the city of Ramallah into another “Reconquer Square” as in Egypt. The Oslo agreement of 1993 has transformed the Palestinian Organization into a an organ for defending Israel security and this diplomatic deal proved to be a total failure so far.

It is about time for the Palestinians to initiate their third intifada and descend to the streets. If the Jews in Israel had waited until the British mandated power to vacate Palestine in order to push forth their plans and programs they would have never gained the State of Israel…

Note: The current Palestinian strategy for civil disobedience is the hunger strike of over 1,300 Palestinian prisoners in order to unite all the Palestinian factions around a common target.  This time around, it seems that the US and the UN communities have not, so far, publicly supported the Palestinian peaceful civil disobedience. And Israel is going ahead with building three more settlements around the northern Palestinian large city of Nablus.

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