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Proper fasting is a cure-it-all medicine: No food, plain water. What’s your protocol?

Posted on: April 30, 2012

Proper fasting is a cure-it-all medicine: No food, plain water. What’s your protocol?

For over 60 years, medical research have been conducted on fasting in Russia, Germany, and lately in the USA (California). No pharmaceutical corporations and food industry ever contributed a dime on the benefits of proper fasting. Is this of any surprise to anyone?

The results are in:

First, experiments on mice with cancers revealed that the mice that fasted two days before being injected with heavy dose of chemo lived and were found very active, while 40% of non-fasting mice died. Why?

The genes of normal cells in the fasting body manage to regulate their behavior with the new state of shock of the body, while the abnormal cells tend to die. The chemo achieve the remaining abnormal cells that have barely survived…

Second, after a proper fasting period, most bodily and mental anomalies return to normal functional states and the organs recapture their normal regulatory functions in secreting the appropriate hormones. 

Arterial tensions, sugar blood level, tetraglycerine…return to normal levels. Many diseases (pulmonary and others…) were cured during fasting by permitting the cells to dissipate the chemicals, medicines, and unwanted hormones that they were bloated with. How?

In the first day of fasting, all the glucose are depleted. Glucose (sugar) is the readily source of energy that is quickly transformed and absorbed: The brain needs glucose to function.

In the third day of fasting, 94% of the energy are generated from the decomposition of the body fat and 4% only from the proteins in the muscles.

Thus, a person weighting 70 kilo might have 15 kilo of fat, a source that can sustain 40 days of fasting while the muscles are practically intact. The male penguin sits on the egg for 4 months (real fasting period) before he has to go to sea to feed on fish: By this time, the female is back to resume the hatching period…

This process is common to all animals and mankind: First glucose is consumed, then the fat, and lastly the protein…

The toughest day is the third in the fast: The person feels joint aches, headache, nausea, feeling under the weather, and craving all kinds of food that he loves…

By the fifth day, a state of euphoria and well-being submerges the fasting individual, and life is light and the tasks are very manageable…

What’s your protocol for fasting?

My protocol is to go easy and at stages.

Stage 1: You fast two days in the first week.

Stage 2: You fast 4 days a week later. Just to experiment with the aches and pains of the 3rd days and realize that you survived and doing much better.

Stage 3: You fast 5 days a week later so that you experience the state of “feeling good” and discovering how you fared on the 3rd day.

Mind you, that during all these fasting stages you are actually losing fat and your internal organs (liver, kidneys,…) are re-learning to regulate their tasks and secreting the proper amount of hormones as they were supposed to be doing normally.

Stage 4: You fast 6 days, once every month, for 3 successive months and check how this cure is benefiting your body and mind.

Where to undergo fasting cure?

I cannot see how fasting can be done at home: The family members will be unable to survive without cooking and you smelling the good food, or not eating and drinking (things other than water) in front of you…

Mind you that you are fasting 24 hours per day from all kinds of food and you are drinking only plain water…

The problem is: Which fasting clinic will allow you to perform your own fasting protocol?

My daydream project is opening a fasting clinic with the motto: “Fast your own protocol

The client will check in the clinic and will submit to two days of learning everything on fasting, the research papers, the statistics, its consequences, the processes, the benefits, the side effects…and thorough physical tests.  The client will end up devising his own protocol for the staff in the clinic to supervise…

The fasting clinic will refrain from imposing any physical exercises or activities that the client is not hot of pursuing…

It is normal that the client be proposed a varieties of activities to undertake so that he is kept busy and to sleep like a baby after a long day of diversified tasks (physical and mental).

Fasting can become easy when experimented on stages.

Fasting longer than a week might require very specialized medical teams to supervise and follow up…I guess.


4 Responses to "Proper fasting is a cure-it-all medicine: No food, plain water. What’s your protocol?"

I fasted after suffering mercury toxicity – a buildup that took many years and finally after visiting a dentist who placed a large temporary filling moved my body over the edge.
To those who doubt mercury toxicity I remember as a child every time I visited the dentist and received mercury I would suffer bowel cramps almost the next day for a week or so. The pain was severe but no association was ever linked to mercury until the realisation many years later.
The memory that this occurred directly after each dental visit though is still vivid.
In total I had 22 fillings – some teeth had more than one filling.
This was a time when dentists were paid based on the number of fillings placed.
Fasting for short periods initially built confidence in the fasting process.
3 days one month, 5 days the next then each month i increased the duration ultil a year later I fasted for 28 days at home. the space between fasts was sometimes several months to normalise my body and replenish.

DoctorsI have found are bound by the pharmaceutical company’s and offer no insight into the workings of the human body.

In short fasting saved my life.

Thank you to the author and to David for sharing what you know and have experienced regarding fasting. Very helpful for someone like me who is starting to get curious and learn more about curing chronic diseases through water fasting.

Uhm. No offense bit this is totally not helpful to the new people who could use some encouragement. Its backed by science that fast cures alot of chronic ailments and you just bitter that it didnt work for you… I suggest you blog about something you are educated on. I for instance cured my diabetes with IF. I fasted for 15 days. I also lost 36kgs on LCHF with IF in 22 months. I havent fasted for 18months and I feel my body is sluggish so, instead of running to a doctor, ill be fasting…

Fasting actually removed old cells via urine and number 2 and makes the body produce more stem cells and thus healing the body. Its better than donating blood or a women habing her period to expel bad/old cells… your body NEEDS to fast for good health and vitality. Our forefathers didnt eat every day. Neither did they eat GMO enriched foods which is bad for us anyways…

Please PLEASE educate yourself before you downgrade something… this is a very ineducated post… ill give you a chance to better yourself.

Have no idea from where you got this message that my post suggested a long-term fasting of 18 months. Your reply on the kinds fasting produces in benefits is great

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