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The scary “refreshed Insolence” of Lebanese youth: Graffiti Night

Posted on: May 4, 2012

The scary refreshed Insolence of Lebanese youth: Graffiti Night

Activists in Lebanon communicated on social platform and scheduled a Graffiti Night within “Freedom of Expression Day” on Tuesday at 6 pm.  The gathering was to assemble in front of Beirut Theater on Hamra Street, armed with spray cans and the will to send a strong message to the pseudo-government that engaged in cracking down on freedom of expression and harassing activists.

The Graffiti Night was a prolongation to a week-long demonstrations and sit-ins in front of prisons and the ministry of the interior in order to free the artist Semaan Khowam, the activists Khoder salameh and Ali Fakhry, and the actor Edmond Haddad. The government gave in within two days and freed the activists.

The youth also hacked into most government institution electronic sites, the first of its kind Anonymous activity in Lebanon…

The over 200 activists marched toward the wall of “Bank of Lebanon”; the next stop was the Murr Tower, and Fouad Chehab Bridge, and advanced to Riad Solh Square and finished the walk in front of the new mosque of Muhammad Al Amine in Downtown Beirut and sprayed the board-walk “The revolution will pass here” as a reminder that the Hariri family, owning Solidere Real Estate, has stolen old Beirut district and transformed it into skyscrapers owned by the Arab Gulf Emirs. And “Beirut is no longer to the Lebanese

The graffiti read:

“Free Abd Hadi Khawaja in Bahrain”, “Down with Hamad (Emir of Qatar)”, “Lebanon President (Suleiman) is President on Twitter”, “Free Gizawi”, “Beirut is not Dubai”, “Our country is an eraser”, “Big Brother is watching”, and a sheep complaining “I am Maaa…”( I am with this sectarian militia leader), “Soldier on whom?”, “Is it rational that leaders for peace are our warlord militia leaders?”, “You lack a sectarian leader support? Prepare to be humiliated by the Law and Order”

The multi-theocratic and pseudo-government in Lebanon have been indoctrinating the Lebanese and the world community that it is impossible to have a people’s revolution in Lebanon…Why? The same logic as Qadhafi: “You cannot revolt against me. I have no political position in the running of the government. I am not President, Prime Minister, a minister, or even a deputy…”

The pseudo-State of Lebanon is disseminating the same nonsense as Qadhafi: “We are not really a central government. We take our decisions based on the consensus of 18 officially religious sects,  the owners of banks, the militia leaders (represented in the government and the Parliament, the regional powers, and most importantly, the superpower dictates…”

As long as the popular revolution in Egypt is strong, alive, and changing the Arab World political structure, it is inevitable that serious political reforms will take place in Lebanon.

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Note 2:

Note 3: Post inspired from the report of Salim Lawzi in the daily Al Nahar

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