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Israel formed a war “unity government”: The Palestinian Authority formed what?

Posted on: May 16, 2012

Israel formed a war “unity government”: The Palestinian Authority formed what?

Israel Netanyahu PM postponed his promise for an early election. Why?

Netanyahu was taken aback last week by two internal political developments:

1. On Sunday, he was delivering a routine ceremonial speech inviting the members of his Likud party for an early election. Netanyahu was shocked to find out that many leaders in the conventions were revolting against his decision.  Worse, most of the attendees were wearing the radical Jewish black hats…

2. On Monday evening, Israel Supreme Court decided for the evacuation of the Jewish settlement of Gelaat Al Olbana in Beit Eel. It was clear that the minister in the cabinet who will back the court decision will eventually lose their seats in the Knesset if an early election is held. The alternative of circumventing the Court decision would antagonize the world community against Netanyahu, and worse, distance many potential voters…

The “unity government” was an urgent internal option to drop the decision of the early election nightmare. A reshuffling of the cabinet, in a climate of very weak opposition parties like Meretz and the “Arab” blocs, will establish Netanyahu as “king” for another 18 months.

Actually, 4 of the 26 opposition Labor deputies will secure seats in the cabinet, along with the Kadima party.

The opinion that this “unity government” is a war cabinet, like the only other time in 1967 when Israel launched a preemptive war against Egypt, Syria, and Jordan, is a very tantalizing reflection. Maybe the medium-term problems that Israel has to confront played a complimentary reason for this new government.

1. A preemptive air raid on Iran is out of the question: read kink in note 1.

2. A preemptive attack on Gaza is doubtful, even if Israel is disseminating fear of Sinai being the playing ground for the radical Islamist of Egypt: The war in 2008 is still too fresh, many Israeli officers are facing apprehension in airports for crimes against humanity they committed, the vice PM Shawul Mofaz was Minister of Defense at the time, and Gaza is still under economical blockade by the western States…

3. The alternative of a short blitzkrieg against Hezbollah could be envisioned, if the situation in Syria deteriorate further. Why? Israel wants the Assad regime to remain in power, and giving the impression that a preemptive war against Hezbollah might spread to Syria would rally the Syrians with the Assad regime…

The problem with that scenario is: Why would Hezbollah accept a quick cease-fire after its military installations are taken out? Things will get out of hand and Tel Aviv will be heavily targeted, as Hassan Nasr Allah has promised…And he has kept his promises so far.

Israel “unity government” is indeed a war cabinet: Israel is getting ready to confront the inevitable Fourth Palestinian Intifada (civil disobedience) that has already started silently two months ago:

1. Israel was forced to agree on all the demands of the Palestinian prisoners who waged a month long hunger strike, and

2. Israel is preparing to execute a new apartheid plan that Kadima approves, and was submitted to many institutions and military officers. More details in part 2.


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