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Nicholas Tesla: The genius Geek of all time

Posted on: May 23, 2012

Nicholas Tesla: The genius Geek of all time

Do you know who invented or discovered most of modern time technology?

1. Alternative current AC

2. Radio transmission

3. Radar

4. X-Rays

5. Hydro-electric plant

6. Resonant frequency of the earth

7. Remote control

8. Neon lighting

9. Ball lightning

10. Earthquake measuring machine

11. Electric motor

12. Wireless communication…and much more?

Nicholas Tesla was born 100 years ago. He was a Serbian-American inventor.

He lived to be 86 and remained celibate. He was 6’6″ tall and mastered 8 languages.

Tesla survived on milk and Nabisco crackers… And died penniless while making Edisson reap the patents of his own inventions and being acclaimed as the inventor of the century…

Click on this comic for fascinating details:


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