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Civil war didn’t End yet? This time around…A clear cut Victor

Posted on: May 24, 2012

Civil war didn’t end yet? This time around…

This time around there will be a Victor in Lebanon civil war.  And it will be far shorter. And the warlords (still running the pseudo-State) will be exposed to trials for crimes against humanity, genocide, and transfer of citizens…and the trials will be public, documented, with eye-witnesses, equitable…and  punishment will be severe…

And we will snatch a central State, and a citizenship, and civil laws…and the 18 officially religious sects will have to relinquish their control over the citizen civil status…

Foreign powers: superpowers (mainly the US), regional powers (Israel, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, Jordan…), and even the new comers to the scene of meddling with Lebanon internal affairs, such as the absolute Gulf Emirates…have decided to rekindle the hot embers with powerful blowers.

For a couple of months now, “placiers”, (those distributing goods to small shops and hired by monopoly merchants), have been disseminating rumors that Lebanon is going to witness a Hot Summer.

The US has already dispatched warning to its citizens to refrain from visiting Lebanon.

The Gulf “Arab” Emirates have prohibited its citizens from spending summer in Lebanon (plenty of useless and expensive villas will be empty)

Saudi Arabia is putting all its citizens in Lebanon on yellow alert to vacate in short notice…

The hot summer has started in Tripoli up north, close to the Syrian borders, and spread to the Akkar district, and the “Future Movement” of the Hariri clan used RPG and heavy weapons to secure a main artery in Beirut (Tarik Jadideh) as their exclusive fiefdom…

Most alarmingly, many sectarian parties are attacking the credibility of the army, the only institution still functioning in Lebanon and uniting all the disparate “citizens”…

It is easy to exploit and manoeuvre sectarian streets and cities in this multi-theocratic State of Lebanon…

It is equally easy for the sectarian leaders and warlords to appease these successive “guided” one day-long upheavals of burning tires, closing streets, and raising all kinds of flags, but the Lebanese flag…

Most probably, tiny Lebanon will be unable to sustain a stable central power for a significant duration…

And it is very probable that the new generation is willing to fight the good fight, just to capture the feeling of belonging to a State, of being considered citizens with equal rights and obligations, obeying to civil laws that do not discriminate on the basis of  genders, religious belief, districts, or class status…

The new generation, this time around wants:

1. To finish up the 17-year civil war that started in 1975 and didn’t end properly. They want to emerge as Victor, for a democratic and civil society

2. To establish a central State that is willing to adopt the many reforms on the table for equality under civil laws and availability of opportunities

3. To put the half-dozen main warlords to trials, the same one who recaptured the power after the first phase of the civil war in 1992, as if they were the real winners, in order to resume the archaic political/social structure that is unique to Lebanon…

You read on social platforms this slogan:

I will develop on the implicit and explicit meaning of this slogan and other banners in part 2.
For today, Lebanon needs urgently to prosecute the last phase of the unfinished civil war: Lebanon wants a Victor in order to establish a modern State.
For today, Lebanon needs urgently to prosecute the last phase of the unfinished civil war: After 65 years of a pseudo independence and the impossibility of regular and gradual reforms for our political/social system, there will be a definite victor, this time around, to securing a central State, engaged on the side of the people, the citizens.

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