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Time to vacate? Favorite “immigration” destination for Israelis…

Posted on: May 29, 2012

Favorite “immigration” destination for Israelis? Time to vacate?

The Jewish Israeli society is pretty confused.

While 58% believe that the resumption of negotiation with the Palestinians is necessary, 58% confirm the impossibility of establishing a Palestinian State.  “Israel Peace Index” for April indicated that only 15% of the Israeli consider a peace agreement with the Palestinian to be a priority this year.

Israel Jewish society has gotten used to the falsehood claim: “There are no viable and credible Palestinian leaders to communicate and negotiate with…”

Netanyahu strategy has been to foment deep fear of the many threats that Israel is confronted with (the same broken disk), and constantly displacing the critical problem to external threats priorities.  For example: Netanyahu maintains this order of priorities:

1) Iran nuclear capabilities;

2) Hezbollah missile reach and potential for destruction; and

3) the right of Israel to defend itself…

The Jewish Israeli society is pretty confused. The main discussion among the Jewish communities in Israel is to come to term with “Who are we?”

They want to know what is their roots and cultural background…

They are investigating which country they should immigrate to, the States that most satisfy their standard of living and cultural affinity.

It appears that the US managed to export McDonald after 65 years of the creation of the State of Israel in 1948.  Immigrating to the US is only viable for the flexibility of being accepted and the potential to easy access to technology and financial matters.

Paris used to be the preferred destination up to the 70’s: It was the cultural center of Europe, Latin America and even the USA (Black movements). France socialist government in the 50’s offered Israel nuclear capabilities and fleet of fighter jets Mirage…in reaction to the blemish the French society felt of cooperating with Nazi Germany…

After the reunification of Germany and the creation f the European Union, the Israelites prefer to settle in Berlin, the original Ashkenazi cultural environment.  The Ashkenazi still speak Yiddish, based n the German language and can communicate with many Eastern European States people.

The Ashkenazi Jews in Israel will have no major hurdle being re-accepted in their original home States.

The problem is with the Sephardi Jews in Israel.  Those who immigrated or fled from the Arabic and Moslem countries to the State of Israel, mostly after 1948.

Historical facts are popping up that it was Israel that perpetrated bombing of synagogues in the Arab States in order to scare off the Jews and encourage them to “transfer to Israel”.

The Sephardi Jews in Israel, known as the Arab Jews (and not including the Palestinian “Arabs” with Israeli passport), are treated as second class citizens in Israel.  Most probably, they will expect European racism to deny them immigration facilities, as the other “Arabs” are facing tighter immigration entrance.

The colonial powers relied on the “European Ashkenazi”, particularly the high officers in the army, to control the Middle-East region.  It is doubtful that the European and the US will consider the Sephardi Jews as reliable “partners” to conduct successful preemptive wars against Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, and much less against Iran…

For example: The only Sephardi Defense Minister during the 64 years of the creation of Israel, conducted the preemptive war of 2006 against Lebanon and Hezbollah: He used the binocular the wrong side, and was dismayed of seeing his perplexed eyes…

Most of the Sephardi Jews in Israel shun military training on religious grounds.

And yet , they form the vast majority in Israel and they vote for the radical “right-wing” and religious parties. Why? They feel that they have nowhere else to go!

After 64 years of imagining an illusory enemy in the Palestinians and the “Arabs” in general, they ended up totally isolated and cowed into this vast “Ashkenazi Ghetto”, with walls of shames separating them from the Palestinians.

Note: Article inspired by a piece of Robic Rosenthal in Maariv titled “A State in search of an identity

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