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Is Israel bluffing again? Defense minister Ehud Barack wants to unilaterally withdraw from West Bank…

Israel Defense minister Ehud Barack warned a couple of days ago that Israel is contemplating a “unilateral (military?) withdrawal from the West Bank to temporary borders if negotiation with Mahmoud Abbas fails or is not resumed…”

Israel has a string of “unilateral decisions” in its short history. For example:

1. Ehud Barack, then Israel PM, withdrew unilaterally from South Lebanon in 2000, after 22 years of occupation. The withdrawal was done without any negotiation or any pre-conditions after Israel suffered hundreds of casualties in the relentless attacks of the Hezbollah fighters…

2. Ariel Sharon withdrew unilaterally from Gaza in 2005 after the cost of maintaining four small Jewish colonies there became a heavy burden on Israel budget, in a region populated by 1.5 million Palestinians lead by radical Islamists Hamas…

3. Israel “unilaterally”, or that’s the US version, bombed the Iraqi nuclear plant in 1980…

4. Israel “unilaterally”, or that’s the US version, bombed Syria nuclear plant in 2007…

5. Israel “unilaterally” conducted the preemptive war in 1967

6. Israel “unilaterally” invaded Lebanon in 1982 and entered the capital Beirut.

This picture was taken in Jounieh (Lebanon), headquarter of Israel Mossad. Ariel Sharon and Bachir Gemmayel (leader of the militia Lebanese Forces) are shown

7. Israel “unilaterally” decided to kick out the Palestinian military factions from Lebanon in 1982

8. Israel “unilaterally” decided to commit the genocide in the Palestinian refugee camps of Sabra and Chatila in Lebanon in 1982…

9. Israel “unilaterally” drew its borders to be at the Jordan River and wants to keep settlements right to the river so that the Palestinians will have no direct borders with the State of Jordan…

10. Israel “unilaterally” decided that the Golan Heights in Syria are parts of Israel and is willing to pressure Syria to agree, lest civil war will ravage Syria…

11. Israel “unilaterally” decided that the UN partition of Palestine is none of her concern, and occupied the 47% of the remaining land bestowed by the UN in 1947 to the Palestinians who constituted 60% of the total population…

Ehud Barack claimed that the current Israeli coalition or “unity government” is backed by 94 deputies in the Knesset and can decide whatever pleases her “interests” and drastic plans, such as completely annexing  Zone C in the West Bank…

Ehud Barack is returning the challenge of Mahmoud Abbas, the illegal President of the Palestinian Authority, who threatened to resign and let Israel shoulder the entire burden as an occupying force in the West Bank…

Ehud Barack is saying: “If there is no Palestinian Authority, Israel will withdraw and let hells burn the Palestinians…” Obviously, Israel has no intention of withdrawing or having any peace treaty with the Palestinians…

Antoine Shalhat, (Palestinian/Israeli citizen residing in Akka and correspondent to the daily Al Nahar, reported that Shimon Shafer wrote in Israel daily Yadeot Ahranot that Netanyahu PM said in a “secret close meeting with the Israeli top security and military officers, and economic leaders…” that the Palestinian problem is fifth in priority in the current government agenda. The priorities are:

1. Iran nuclear threat

2. Hezbollah missile threat

3. Ciber war

4. The increased accumulation of weapon systems in the region…

The current mood in Israel is: “Resolving the Palestinian issue will not solve Israel many and news problems to confront…” It is Israel strategy since its creation to fabricate external false difficulties in order to distract Israeli deep-rooted convictions that Israel legitimacy is at best pretty precarious. 

And what could be the “temporary borders” for withdrawal? Behind the Wall of Shame? Will Israel withdraw from East Jerusalem?

He sexually harassed a pregnant woman, but she attacked and took him to the police!

Posted on 2012/05/31

I was walking to Dar in Clemenceau to meet a friend. Just next to the Wardieh Gas Station, a guy walking towards me looked me into the eyes and told me “i want to you to breast-feed me, and i want to enjoy your lovely pussy”.

By the way I’m a 7-month pregnant woman. I thought that this pregnancy would be a time off harassment, but apparently its a forum for more creativity.

I wanted to embarrass him and I decided to confront him, and raised my voice “What did you say?”

Suddenly he started to run. I don’t know if its instinct and found myself running after him and told him “Come back you!!”.

The other people on the street thought that he robbed me and they joined in the running chase. A 30-yr old man was able to catch the Sexual Harasser.

Other guys gathered and asked me what happened.  Suddenly ,they started hitting him, slapping him on the face and pushing him around.

There was a blond muscular guy who really got pissed off, and flipped on him and telling him “you are an animal and a harasser! Girls on the street are not to be talked to this way!!”.

Another guy with a black beard was shouting at him, “you are just like that asshole who harassed my sister and i wish everyone of your kind is swept away and locked”… It turned out to be quite a scene:  many people deflating previous experience.

What’s funny is that the blond guy dragged the harasser to the police officer on the cross section just next to Banque Du Liban! The police officer started to scold the harasser and asked me “what do you want to do with him?”

All the time the harasser was denying and treating me to be crazy… So I told the officer I want the harasser to confess in front of everyone and admit that what he did is wrong…

The law is helpless in these cases.

The Harasser kept denying and said ” i wasn’t talking to her…”.  One guy said “shu you were talking to the car to breast-feed you, or to me?”

Later on i knew that this guy apparently saw the harasser talking to me.

The harasser kept denying, so I asked “why did you run, if you know that you didn’t do anything wrong?  The police got really angry and started to tell me you can do with him whatever you want, he is an animal etc,, but I decided to not take anymore action since what was done was enough.

It was nice afterwards: everyone was offering me water, and asking me that I should relax for the baby, shop owners were offering me sandwiches and chairs… It felt like this is really how a pregnant woman should be treated rather than being harassed by creeps!!!!!

Although I’m sure that harasser would surely think twice before talking to a woman again on the streets, and the “2tleh” (the beating) that the harasser got by total strangers would not be easily erased from his memory.

Submitted by S

Location: Clemenceau

Time of harassment:  10-16: Daytime / عز النهار

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