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Pictures of the months in hiking tours of Lebanon

Posted on: June 5, 2012

Pictures of the months in hiking tours of Lebanon

It is becoming frustrating to plan hiking trips in Lebanon: The pseudo-State thinks that it is none of its concern to keeping Lebanon a viable destination, not even for its own “citizens”

And yet, the private benevolent associations are doing their best to encouraging people to see the different regions in Lebanon, districts kept as distant in the social fabric as a sectarian system wants to preserve the dissociation.

Ghassan organizes hiking tours in Lebanon and he sent me a link on the Pictures for this year for each month

visit El Gass on Panoramio  to know more about the photos location

you want to show nice pics to everyone send them to

Note: Ghassan was interested in taking detailed pictures of flowers

1 Response to "Pictures of the months in hiking tours of Lebanon"

thx a lot Adonis, no wonder u love our nature as much as i do
our beloved Lebanon will always shine
through the eternal rebirth of its wonderful nature
& the people who love it.

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