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How Active are you? How many Tasks do you handle per day? And Hiking crazed…

Posted on: June 6, 2012

How Active are you? How many Tasks do you handle per day?

For example: You woke up early on a Sunday and spent the day hiking. You returned home exhausted and went to bed, not even finding the energy to wash…How many tasks did you achieve this day?

Suppose you did take pictures for your blog, or did interviews or talked to a few people to describe your trip for your blog to share with readers…How many tasks did you achieve this day?

For example, you are preparing for an exam or working on a homework and did nothing but focusing on these assignments…You ask your mom to prepare you something to eat while studying…How many tasks did you achieve today?

Mind you that if you failed to walk to the kitchen and fixed yourself something to eat, then eating is not considered a task…

I did the count of the many kinds of task I perform during a day, and I figured out that I finish about 3 tasks per hour, on average, during my waking hours.

A few tasks require an hour-long focus, and many are mainly maintenance tasks to survive and keep healthy and alert, and be of some benefit to the household…

Posting an article is a task.

Writing an article is a task.

Reading a book, a magazine, the daily…is a task.

Collecting fruits and vegetables for the daily salad dish is a task.

Watering the garden is a task.

Plowing sections of the garden is a task.

Feeding the chicken and gathering the eggs is a task.

Cleaning the chicken shed is a task. Filtering potable water is a task.

Vacuuming the carpet is task.

Doing the windows is a task.

Walking to the shop to purchase stuff for the house is a task.

Waking to the library to borrow books is a task.

Visiting friends and relatives is a task (for each person visited).

Taking a morning walk is a task.

Performing your daily physical exercises is a task.

Watching a documentary is a task.

Mopping the kitchen floor is a task.

Filling gallons from the water station (in a pseudo-State that refuses to deliver water to every household) is a task.

Purposeful Surfing of the net is a task…

Smoking a cigarette outside, and letting your brain take a break, digest pieces of intelligence, re-arrange ideas, and extend quality mental job performance is a task.

If you are not a smoker, you may as well play with your balls…as long as the brain is demanding a break, what you are doing down there is a task.

How many tasks do you perform per day? How’s your life-style leading your life?

I got wind of a pilgrimage trip high on the Pyrenees Mountain Chains (Between France and Spain), by a bunch of thirtysomething. A hiking biking trip, for 12 days and 60 km per day of biking. It is not that they are training for the Tour de France or vying for the Yellow Short (Maillot Jaune) for winning the cycling expedition…

I suggest to these thirtysomething to hire a few Sherpa to close the rear guard…and carry emergency foldable “brancards”, just in case…  A bunch of yupees intent on having their asses kicked…

Half a day of hiking is excellent to recharge your energy. An entire day of hiking is tantamount to total depletion of energy.

The morning after never shows any signs of symptoms that the “recharging mechanism of energy” made a dent…not even after three good nights of sleep…

They go on hiking trips to “recharge on energy”. I say, we hike:

1. To learn to confront the environment and to return home safe from serious injuries

2. To learn to coordinate, communicate and associate with people as one team

3. To discover the wonders of the universe and get a handle on the proper scale of our capabilities and wise determination for finishing a job…

You must select a few tasks that require total concentration during you daily achievement program. The more you learn to focus the more the frequency of good “luck” tends to increase

The more maintenance tasks you plan in your daily achievement program, and the more in touch you are with real life, and the rarer are the depressive mood swings you say you suffer from…

You start to appreciate the support of your extended family to your survival and well-being…

Do you have the habit of belittling tasks on account that maintenance tasks are of lower quality?

Do you think that having a satisfying bowel movement is of no consequence to the performance of your daily activities?

Do you believe that failing to stretch your body before you start your day has no consequence to your daily achievement program?

Note: Just as I posted, I received this link of Joanna using physics for one of her 900 km biking trip…

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