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“Cardinal” of French Communists converted to Islam: Roger Garaudi passed away

He was 98 years old. Roger Garaudi was a highly cultured man, a politician, chairman of the French communist party, a deputy, a senator, and an engaged activist…and published 40 books

Roger was kicked out of the communist party in 1970 for his anti-Stalinism positions. A year later, he converted to Islam and took the name of Raja (Hope).

In 1913, at the age of 14, from an atheist family, he converted to Protestantism. He received a doctoral degree in philosophy from the university of Moscow.

Between 1940 to 1943, Garaudi was incarcerated by the French Vichy government in an Algerian camp for 30 months.

Roger was elected deputy in 1954 and acceded to the vice-presidency of the French Senate from 1959 to 1962.

For a decade (1960-70), Garaudi headed the editing of the “Cahiers du Communism“, the mouthpiece and center of research of the communist party.

In 1971, Garaudi converted to Islam and published in 1981 “Promises from Islam“.

He joined the presidential campaign of Francois Mitterrand and split shortly after.

The publication of “The Founding Myths of Israel Politics” brought down on him the calamities of the various Zionist lobbies, which harassed him of antisemitism, and denying the Nazi Holaucost, and …..

In 1998, the French appeal court condemned Garaudi for 9 months of prison term without prison and heavy fines for critiquing the exaggerated propaganda of crimes against humanity exacted by Nazi Germany on the Jews…

In the later years, Garaudi visited Cairo, Tehran, Beirut, Damascus, Amman, Qatar, and the Palestinian Occupied Territories

Note: Translated from the arabic version of the French daily Le Monde

Israel organizes Legal Seminar in London: to confront growing boycott campaigns

Faced with increased boycott campaigns, over a hundred European lawyers set to discuss various legal aspects of pro-Israel advocacy and universal jurisdiction law.  It is “lawfare” alternative, big time, as during the campaigns to make it illegal to criticize research and opinions on the holaucost and “antisemitic” studies…

One hundred and fifty lawyers from around Europe have gathered in London on Sunday for a two-day seminar, organized by the Israeli embassy in Britain, to discuss the various legal aspects of pro-Israel advocacy.

The seminar is taking place amid growing concern regarding boycott campaigns and as part of the emphasis Israel’s foreign service is recently putting on legal activism and the attempt of Israel’s critics to employ what is dubbed as “lawfare.”

The seminar, taking place in a London hotel, was closed to the media by the embassy

The seminar is the initiative of Ambassador Daniel Taub, who before his appointment to the Court of St. James a year ago served as the deputy legal adviser at the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem.

Anshel Pfeffer published on Jun.17, 2012  
A demonstrator displays a sign during a protest in Brussels, May 31, 2010.

A demonstrator displays a sign reading “Boycott Israel, racist state” outside the Belgian foreign affairs building during a protest in Brussels, May 31, 2010. Photo by Reuters
“In addition to lectures and workshops by the embassy’s diplomatic staff and other experts, the participants will be addressed by Israel’s Supreme Court Judge Elyakim Rubinstein and Colonel (res.) Pnina Sharvit-Baruch, a lecturer at Tel Aviv University and former commander of the International Law Department in the IDF’s Military Attorney General Corps.

A seminar’s participants said: “The lawyers hail from Britain and around Europe, mainly Jewish but not only, who are active or want to be active in various legal and public-affairs fields in support of Israel. This is an important opportunity for them to network, connect with the foreign ministry and receive useful background information.”

The subjects of discussion include the universal jurisdiction laws that permit the arrest of high-ranking Israeli officers and officials in some European countries over allegations of war-crimes.

Last year, Britain altered its universal jurisdiction law, allowing only the Director of Public Prosecution to issue universal jurisdiction arrest warrants, but the Israeli government is still concerned that this is insufficient.

Other issues include facing the BDS (boycott, divestment, sanctions) movement, lobbying and legal action against Iran’s financial system, tackling anti-Semitism and the de-legitimization of Israel.

The Embassy in London would not comment on the seminar.

Instead of realizing that this apartheid behavior and policies are driving Israel to the wall pretty soon, the politicians and leaders in Israel are doing just that: experiencing the exhilarated feeling of a bolide crashing in a wall…

Ilan Pappe has demonstrated that sanction and boycott against apartheid Israel work




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