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Israel wants Ariel center (colony in West Bank) a university…Why Upgrading this research center?

Posted on: July 4, 2012

Upgrading a research center to a University: Israel wants Ariel center (colony in West Bank) a university…

Two groups in Israel are opposing the project of upgrading a research center in Ariel (a colony in the West Bank) to a university…for different reasons:

The first group is constituted of chairmen of universities and their opposition to the project is technical in nature:

1. The budget for higher education has not increased to permit sustaining the same performance and quality of existing universities…

2. The proposed project will inevitably downgrade the credibility of Israeli universities overseas…

3. The proposal should wait to be discussed during the Higher Education Council meeting, two weeks from now…

The second group, formed of over 1,000 academics (including 18 who received high distinction awards), oppose the proposal on political grounds:

1. The upgrading is meant to sending the de-facto signal that an independent Palestinian State is out of the question…

2. Any university should uphold academic freedom in research and freedom of expression to all who study and teach…

3. The political apartheid climate in Israel is not conducive to maintaining academic freedom for Palestinian students and professors…who will not enjoy the same rights as Israeli Jewish citizens…

The Palestinian/Israeli dilemma is to be resolved politically…However, grabbing on educational opportunities in order to fine-tuning processes and procedures that would safeguard and establish equal rights to all within universities should be welcomed as pragmatic resolutions in the medium-term…For example:

1. The upgrading of Ariel center to a university should be under the Palestinian Authority…

2. The proportion of Israeli Jewish students and teachers should be commensurate to Palestinian students and teachers living in the so-called Samaria region…

3. A special team with wide latitude and power should be appointed to maintaining the criteria of freedom of expression, anti-discrimination trends…within the upgraded university…

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