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Call me Boson: Your tiniest God of matters

Posted on: July 7, 2012

And Higgs enshrined a modern material God. The tiniest of all: The Boson

Last week, particle and nuclear physicists “discovered” that the theoretical notion of the particle boson, labelled the boson of Higgs does exist.  The British Higgs theorized in 1965 that this boson must exist if matters should gain any weight…the missing link to a cohesive theory for the creation of a universe…Higgs is jubilant that the discovery was conclusive while still alive…

After thousands of trials bombarding elementary particles of protons and neutrons and…5 bosons, the tiniest of all particles, materialized in a flickering fraction of a one millionth of a second, invisible to human eyes and other sensory organs.

And the new God turned out to be the smallest, the tiniest of all, and still the most invisible even to the most modern equipment in technologies, and still permeating everything, every particle…

And the new God turned out not to be One, but zillion of Gods, mostly identical though, zillion in every particle in the universe…

And the new God turned out to have some physical weight, physical gravity…And without Him nothing could have amassed any weight…And no Gravity, and no universe could have existed…

And it turned out that all He had to do is to show up for less than one millionth of a second after this mythical Big Bang for everything to take form and exist…to happen, to get bigger, to expand, shrink at incredible speed

And we thought that we are from dust and shall return to dust. Wrong! We are from bosons and shall return to bosons…

Mankind created a God to be far larger than the universe, far more powerful…Political scientists said the ancient God should had to be that powerful, liberal capitalists said so, multinational financial corporations said so, superpower imperialist political strategists said so, Einstein relativity theory said so, all the religions said so…

And it turned out that this ancient God was not that big, not so abstract, and hate to survive more than one millionth of second on His own, free from attachment to other particles…

What happened to this God who appeared to Charlton Heston Moses, who took all his time spelling the 10 Commandments to a flabbergasted Moses who finally fell asleep and went into deep coma?

Heston Moses died and was reincarnated into “Heston Higgs”…old in the picture, as it should be. Prophet Higgs has been screaming in the wilderness for over four decades on this British Desert: “God appeared to my mind. He is in my mathematical nuclear equation. God said: Call me Boson. Find me this Boson. I miss Him. Get in touch with this damned Boson…And for God sake, call Him Boson, not Boson of Higgs…Cannot stand blasphemy…”

The new God is a Heisenberg quantum particle that “cannot be seen and heard simultaneously…” (see note)

Trust the physicists, this highly religious sect, for searching for the absolute and the eternal God. They still believe in the Big Bang, another myth that acquired consensus certainty in this exclusive club.  As if the universe should be created “instantly” and with a Big Bang for it to make any sense…

All other scientific fields, natural and social, believe that development and creation is a time-consuming process…Not to nuclear and particle physicists: Everything must happen instantly and in no time…

Trust the physicists to claim that nothing would have materialized without the existence of this boson after the one millionth of a second of the Big Bang…In every second, many stars and galaxies disintegrate, emitting zillion of bosons, and still, the universe could not have existed if the boson failed to intervene and materialize right after the Big Bang

The new God is not even physics: He is still a philosophy of the sub atomic universe…He always was a concept to hold together our scattered brain, yearning for the Absolute and the Eternal

Note: Heisenberg restriction in the sub atomic universe was that no particle can be exactly located and timed simultaneously: If we focus on exactly measuring the location of a particle, then time is a statistics and vice versa.  Why? Any measuring instrument is bound to disturb the current state of any particle in the sub atomic world…

I have studied nuclear and atomic physics. I have studied relativity and quantum physics…I loved all these courses, except quantum.  I kept wondering: If we cannot measure exactly and simultaneous many parameters in the sub atomic universe then, why call it physics?

May be since I have taken quantum mechanics technology has advanced in such a way not to disturb particles in the sub atomic universe…May be the quantum convoluted equations are easier to compute by computer…May be Quantum mechanics can be inducted into the world of Physics…

And you have hundreds of theoretical physicists trying hard to discover a mathematical equation that would unify relativity and quantum physics…Why? Math is an abstract field by excellence, but when you intend on purpose to applying it in physics then you have got to be able to measure, test, and validate the equation…How can this be done in the subatomic universe?

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