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There is NO God: Mankind yearn for the Absolute and Eternal

There is NO God: Every member of Mankind, with a minimum of functional brain, yearn for the Absolute and Eternal.  This is a healthy reaction for the Absolute evidence that we are absolutely dead people. And yet, we try our hardest to stay in denial, as long and as frequently as is necessary, to keep our morale up, going to any length of convincing our selves of a happy after-life…

In desperation, we kill other people based on our belief of a kind of after-life, and we call it “religious belief system”…Either you believe in an after-life or you are a confermed and convicted atheist…And the boson of Higgs was “proven” to exist, and the theory of the “creation of the universe is coherent” and we can now live happily ever after

There is NO God. No matter what we say or claim, we are reacting against platitude in the routine of the living, and the close control of institutions, traditions, ideologies, detailed administrative routines and procedures…

There is NO God. Beware of what you wish: the Absolute fact is that we are invariably reduced to dust. You may be eaten by fishes or blown up in fume…the end product is dust.  Walk softly: No need to disturb dust unnecessarily.

There is NO God.  The Absolute state of afterlife is the realm of the dangerously deranged and the terrorists of all kinds of religions and absolute ideologies, totalitarian regimes…

Mankind is the God and the Devil.

People who keep silent on acts of violence and systems of control of the human spirit are the angels of the Absolute devils, supporting tacitly and explicitly the pains, suffering, humiliations, and actions against human rights around the world and under all political systems

Saints, canonized or not, were the best example of people who constantly doubted the existence of a God.  All the pains and suffering they inflicted upon themselves were reactions to their Absolute doubt.  They either had to believe and forcefully claim to believe in The God, or they had to survive on their own, composing with the people, fighting to survive against all odds.

I think that who sincerely and totally believes in God cannot create anything of interest. Worse, whatever he produces is either tasteless or potentially destructive

We are seeking a risk-free and sick-free life. A healthy reaction to the realization that our motives and behaviors are unpredictable and emotionally driven.  The absolute abstract mathematical mind has no influence on our actions and desires…

As late Ernesto Sabato said: “the early unnecessary death of a child is ground enough to start doubting the existence of God…”

There is no such person as an optimist. Optimism is a non-medical term created to describing a damaged brain that has no power to reflect on his own…

You may say that there is a “happy pessimist”, a “gloomy pessimist”, an engaged pessimist, or a passive pessimist…That would be closer to the truth in characterizing the mood of a thinking person…

While we are among the living, can we at least respect the notion of a “soul” or “spirit” that keeps us living and kicking? Can we deny the trend of those technology-minded zealots and mechanical scientists of their furious attempts at codifying, digitizing, and structuring the human spirit?

Can we keep the spirit up and alive, and sustain the revolts against institutions meant to control and subjugate our yearning to feel free and sane in confronting all kinds of mind control?

Are there levels of seriousness for rape? How many kinds of rapes are you aware of?

Suppose you are in a party with a boyfriend and he decides to take you by force in front of the people around. You are screeming: No, No…People are watching the raping unfold and refuse to intervene… Is that scene an individual problem or a community cultural problem? If this event affects the girl from further engaging in serious relationship, how serious was the raping episod?

Suppose you are threatened to be raped (regardless of genders) or raping one of your family members if you refuse to divulge pieces of intelligence or follow orders…Is raping the mind and the spirit an act of rape?

Suppose you live in a society when raping with the “intention” of asking for marriage (indeed asking the girl in marriage afterward) is absolved, what message this custom sends? If I want to marry a girl and she refuses, then I might as well rape her…?

Suppose you were gang raped:

1. By a group you are familiar with and hang out with

2. A group you don’t know

3. By police force as you step out of your home

4. By police force inside your home

5. By police force while in prison

Is being gang raped much worse than being raped by a single person?

Is raping closely associated with the consequences in a given community customs?

1. Being forced to commit suicide in order to “save” the community “honor”

2. Being asked to vacate the family premises and be exiled to other location

3. Forced to marry the rapist

4. Be banished from the community for the remaining of your life…

Is rape a personal matter, and if no one in the party lodge a legal complaint, then should the case be dismissed?

If statistics reveil that 90% of girls are raped in a particular society at one time during their lifetime, should the legal system be comprehensive and lenient on rape cases?

If it is demonstrated that more adolescent boys have been raped throughout history than grown up women…?

Should every case of rape have its proper term in the vocabulary? Why having a language if it fails to develop and demonstrate the progress, seriousness of behaviors, and interest in social and custom development…?

Dalia, Emma, Alaphia, Ricken, Laura, Antonia and the rest of the Avaaz team published this appeal:

“18 year-old Lal Bibi was kidnapped, raped, tortured and chained to a wall for five days by a gang of powerful Afghan police officers. But she stood up to do what women in Afghanistan are told not to: Lal is fighting back.

Local custom in some parts of Afghanistan dictates that women are shamed by rape and must kill themselves to restore their family’s honour for generations to come.  Lal Bibi and her family courageously are seeking to save her life by insisting on the prosecution of her torturers and shifting the blame to the perpetrators, in society’s eyes.

According to deep cultural mandates, as a raped woman, Lal Bibi has been “dishonoured” and will kill herself — and she publicly says she must, unless her rapists are brought to justice to restore her honour and dignity.

There are hundreds of women and girls all across Afghanistan who are subject to the “tribal justice” meted out to Lal Bibi. Thousands more are watching carefully to see how the Afghan government and the world will respond to the girl who is fighting back and refuses to die quietly

Afghanistan’s justice system routinely fails to pursue these cases, and so far the chief suspects in Lal Bibi’s case have not been prosecuted.  Every day that passes without an arrest pushes Lal Bibi closer to suicide …

This weekend, the US, UK, Japan and other major donors are expected to pledge 4 billion dollars to Afghanistan.  A big portion of this money will pay for the very police forces responsible for Lal Bibi’s rape.

An international outcry might shame donor countries into action, conditioning their aid on real action to fight rape and protect women.

The Afghan police force responsible for the rape depends heavily on foreign funding that will be pledged this weekend, when all of Afghanistan’s major donors gather in Tokyo.

Donor countries can and should require that funds are not spent to grow a police force that acts with appalling impunity and that police officers work to protect women, not attack them!

The global war on women is relentless. But time and time again our community joins together to win. We helped stop the illegal stoning of Sakineh Ashtiani in Iran, and fought for justice for rape survivors in Libya, Morocco and Honduras. With hope and determination.

Save Lal Bibi’s life and sign this petition that will be delivered right into the donor conference in Tokyo:

P.S. Avaaz has launched Community Petitions, an exciting new platform where it’s quick and easy to create a campaign on any issue you care strongly about. Start your own by clicking here:




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