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There is NO God: Mankind yearn for the Absolute and Eternal

Posted on: July 8, 2012

There is NO God: Mankind yearn for the Absolute and Eternal

There is NO God: Every member of Mankind, with a minimum of functional brain, yearn for the Absolute and Eternal.  This is a healthy reaction for the Absolute evidence that we are absolutely dead people. And yet, we try our hardest to stay in denial, as long and as frequently as is necessary, to keep our morale up, going to any length of convincing our selves of a happy after-life…

In desperation, we kill other people based on our belief of a kind of after-life, and we call it “religious belief system”…Either you believe in an after-life or you are a confermed and convicted atheist…And the boson of Higgs was “proven” to exist, and the theory of the “creation of the universe is coherent” and we can now live happily ever after

There is NO God. No matter what we say or claim, we are reacting against platitude in the routine of the living, and the close control of institutions, traditions, ideologies, detailed administrative routines and procedures…

There is NO God. Beware of what you wish: the Absolute fact is that we are invariably reduced to dust. You may be eaten by fishes or blown up in fume…the end product is dust.  Walk softly: No need to disturb dust unnecessarily.

There is NO God.  The Absolute state of afterlife is the realm of the dangerously deranged and the terrorists of all kinds of religions and absolute ideologies, totalitarian regimes…

Mankind is the God and the Devil.

People who keep silent on acts of violence and systems of control of the human spirit are the angels of the Absolute devils, supporting tacitly and explicitly the pains, suffering, humiliations, and actions against human rights around the world and under all political systems

Saints, canonized or not, were the best example of people who constantly doubted the existence of a God.  All the pains and suffering they inflicted upon themselves were reactions to their Absolute doubt.  They either had to believe and forcefully claim to believe in The God, or they had to survive on their own, composing with the people, fighting to survive against all odds.

I think that who sincerely and totally believes in God cannot create anything of interest. Worse, whatever he produces is either tasteless or potentially destructive

We are seeking a risk-free and sick-free life. A healthy reaction to the realization that our motives and behaviors are unpredictable and emotionally driven.  The absolute abstract mathematical mind has no influence on our actions and desires…

As late Ernesto Sabato said: “the early unnecessary death of a child is ground enough to start doubting the existence of God…”

There is no such person as an optimist. Optimism is a non-medical term created to describing a damaged brain that has no power to reflect on his own…

You may say that there is a “happy pessimist”, a “gloomy pessimist”, an engaged pessimist, or a passive pessimist…That would be closer to the truth in characterizing the mood of a thinking person…

While we are among the living, can we at least respect the notion of a “soul” or “spirit” that keeps us living and kicking? Can we deny the trend of those technology-minded zealots and mechanical scientists of their furious attempts at codifying, digitizing, and structuring the human spirit?

Can we keep the spirit up and alive, and sustain the revolts against institutions meant to control and subjugate our yearning to feel free and sane in confronting all kinds of mind control?

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