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Newest Car style for Saudi women?

Posted on: July 17, 2012

Newest Car style for Saudi women?

It is not true that the Absolute Monarchy in Saudi Arabia had ever banned women from driving cars. The sticky problem was “how to design a car” that is Halal, prude, and most appropriate for women to drive…

Tinted windows were never a viable solution: Suppose the car of a Prince, with tinted windows, made an accident and passers-by discovered that the driver was actually a woman?

It was mainly a safety issue of the first kind: How to let the Saudi citizens know that the driver is a woman and clear the road, stop on the side street, and let this dangerous moving vehicle to have passed…

One of the sheikhs of al nahi and ma3roof brigade got an eureka light bulb idea frying his brain and his idea was accepted immediately. “How we had never thought of this ingenious discovery, the one in million in any century?” was the predominant comment around the expensive rug of the enlightened and eminent long-bearded group of huddlers…

This covered car, should be of tiny sizes and commensurate to the rank of women in society, has a long-range purpose: This obscurantist Wahhabi regime in Saudi Arabia is feeling the heat of a coming “Arab Spring” displacing this class of Al Saud extended family of over 5,000 prince and princes. How this cover would be of any help?

As the Saudi Princes would have to flee the crowd invading the streets, since airports would be closed, the best means is to give the illusion that those in the cars are driving women.

By the time the Arab Spring hits Saudi Arabia, the people would have gotten used not to stop women-covered cars and extend the Princes the necessary time to reaching the borders or the seashores or be picked up by a submarine or airlifted by the US marine forces or…

Note 1: A couple of special security forces brigades in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia are already using versions of these covered-woman cars to pick up the wounded from the opposition demonstrators from hospital and makeshift dispensaries for further torture sessions…

Note 2: Read the diary of the princess who asked political asylum to Britain

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