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Religious Circumcision is currently illegal in Germany: Until further notice…

Posted on: July 20, 2012

Religious Circumcision is currently illegal in Germany: Until further notice…

The court in the city of Cologne (Germany) banned “automatic” religious-based custom of circumcision on new-born and non adult people on the ground that “circumcision is a corporal wound punishable in justice when done on religious basis…”  

This new ruling is bringing forth religion, hygiene, sex, and taxation to the forefront of discussions.

In many periods in the Roman Empire, circumcised people had to pay additional taxes for being circumcised. First, the tax was to maintain the Temple in Jerusalem, and as the temple was destroyed by Titus, and the tax collected  was reverted to the central treasury. Emperor Domitian didn’t forbid or stigmatize circumcision: It was simply taxed, an identity indicator.

The trend is to taxing circumcision, as legal consumption of marijuana is being taxed…

Circumcision has nothing to do with a religious belief system: It is an inherited custom that was practiced during the pharaoh of Egypt. Circumcision is not mentioned in the Koran: It is a pre-islamic custom that historian would like us to believe that it was practiced for reason of hygiene. How that?

1. Lack of water in a desert climate does not encourage frequent washing of almost anything, let alone the penis or your behind.

2.  Have you tried to clean your penis with a handful of dirt or sand? Do you think an uncircumcised penis will be a rather more painful activity in such cleaning procedure?

In many parts of the world children are circumcised, regardless of religion.  In the US, 70% of the people are circumcised for hygiene reasons (as they claim) such as reducing the risk of AIDS, sexual transmission of disease, and the prevalence of infection…As if these hygiene notions were known centuries ago…

I am not in the mood of considering the religious reasons for circumcision.

I know a few physical and emotional consequences for circumcision:

1. The circumcised penis is less sensitive and the intercourse may last longer, especially in the pre-intercource phases. Mind you that sexual activities are generated mainly in the mind, with or without circumcision and it is the training of the mind that counts for satisfactory sex engagement…

2. People with uncircumcised penises do not experience masturbation early in their upbringing: The penis is over sensitive to indulge in these exercises. The need to train the extra skin to be retracted several times a day is not taught by anyone, and thus, with lack of training or ignorance the penis does not get used to be fully functional, including masturbation exercises early on…

3. I bet circumcised youth are more prone to engage in raping activities far more frequently than the uncircumcised one and behave more as bullies…

4. Circumcision was introduced as mankind political system shifted to patriarchal structure, simply because circumcised males feel readier to lord it over the females: They don’t have to beg the female partners to go gentle on them and help them introduce the penis as painlessly as possible…Circumcision was thus mainly practised to create rough males ready to cow down females. And tribal laws absolved the males of all kinds of bad behaviors related to their fresh instrument and blamed the women for the consequences…

You may say “Ships are safe in the harbors, but ships are not made for that purpose…” But again, who would hire a reckless Captain?

5. I bet that in matriarchal societies, males were punished to be circumcised when they failed to deliver as manly as expected in bed….

Religion main purpose is to codify customs in sacred rituals to satisfy the orders of the power-to-be on how society should  be run, before the clerics take over and rule effectively…

I laud the German court ruling: Time for a bold position that curtail the overwhelming power of religion on the body and mind, for the free spirit to regain their individualities, and to reduce the nasty privileges extended to clerics…

I tried for this piece to be as clear and as loud as it should be

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