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I am still in a blank: What happened in the bus at airport of Burgas (Bulgaria)?

Posted on: July 30, 2012

I am still in a blank: What happened in the bus at airport of Burgas (Bulgaria)?

On July 18, a”terrorist” blew himself in a busload of Israelis and US citizen “tourists” from the seashore airport of Burgas (on the Black Sea) to where?

Information seeping through were scarce and it stopped completely on its track: The story had to be covered up, and we have the right to be suspicious of the real story…

Meanwhile, and for a couple of days, Israel blamed Iran and Hezbollah and rogue States for the suicide attack and moved its army to the borders with Gaza, Lebanon and Syria…

Israel military officially welcomed the dead 5 Israeli “tourists” at Tel Aviv airport. Are they tourists or a covert team on a mission planned and organized in cooperation with the US? Has this team finished its mission and was planning of enjoying quality time in Varna? Has the covert mission been “uncovered” and the team was to be disposed of…? Particularly that it “coincided” with the assassination of 5 of the highest Syrian ranking officers…

Apparently, the 36 year-old blond “terrorist” man spent 4 days in Bulgaria, and resided for 48 hours in the resort of Varna in company with a girl. He entered Bulgaria from Roumania? And from where did the Israeli and US tourists come? I bet from Roumania too…

A second parter activated the 3 kg of Trolite that the man carried in his backpack…

How this tourist entered Bulgaria? Why insisting on a faked driving license from Michigan State? Had he entered without a passport? Was whisked in…?

I am still in a blank: after a week of the incident, intelligence pieces are scarce and not that informative.

Was the covert plot “uncovered” and the team was to be sacrificed by the undercover blond guy?

Turkey should be on high alert as Syria is disintegrating: Israel secret agents are flooding Bulgaria, Roumania and every other State around the Black Sea. Turkey has to keep a low profile on Syria and tend for more serious dangers coming its way, and not from the Syrian regime…

I am still in a blank. Do you have any clear pieces of intelligence?

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