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Police car chasing is fatal, at any Speed…

Posted on: August 4, 2012

Police car chasing is fatal, at any Speed…

The police force is moving away from two-partner police cars into One-officer cars alternative. Why?

With a partner or more in the car, the officers speed thing up and act recklessly:

1. A cop by himself makes approaches that are different of peer pressure alternatives

2. A single cop is no longer prone to “ambush” the target

3. A single cop would refrain to “charge in”. He says: “I’m going to wait for backup to arrive…”

4. A single cop slows thing down and allow more time before going into action, and behave more kindly…

5. A single cop in a police car remembers the golden rule “ Time is on our side. There is no urgency for fast-breaking situations...”

The fundamental new teaching and training methods of police officers is to practice frequently under dangerous conditions so that to avoid the risk of “momentary autism” blackout of mind-reading capability of facial expressions of the target person.

Temporary autistic conditions dissolve the mind-reading power of people’s faces:

1. The heart rate reaches the dangerous level of 175 quickly

2. An absolute breakdown of the cognitive processing ensue: The forebrain shuts down and we are functioning under the mid-brain commands.

3. The mid-brain is what a dog uses in hot hunting pursuit “no time to stop and scratch the flees”

4 . Hearing is totally blocked: You cannot hear the shots you made or those of others around you. Obviously, you are unable to hear an order to stop or to cool it down…

5. You experience a tunnel vision condition: Your entire world is focused on the gun of the “aggressor” and everything is acting in slow motion..

6. Blood is withdrawn from the outer muscle layers and flows toward the core muscle mass: The feeling is of  very hard muscles, a kind of armor that would limit bleeding in the event of injuries…

7. The subsequent state is of feeling clumsy and helpless: cops are unable to pick up the radio in the car or even dialing 911, except if practiced frequently  to acquiring an automatic reflex…

What a speed chase, even at speed less than 50 a mile, produce? Exactly temporary autistic conditions from the high arousal state that the chase generates.  The chase produces a euphoric state, wrapped up in the chase and you lose all perspectives.

It is “after the chase” is over that the nastiest beating and violence occur: These behaviors ignited the worst riots, such as the Rodney Kind riot in LA, the Liberty City riot in Miami (1980) and another riot in Miami in 1986…

The chase (in cars or on foot or…) is basically the hunting instinct. Mankind is worst than the carnivorous animals in these situations: He is not motivated  for eating the prey, but intent on inflicting the most violent and brutal “chastising”, handicapping the prey and harming him for life and killing him occasionally

Note: Article inspired from a chapter in “Blink” by Malcolm Gladwell


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