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Highest expensive Cheat War Game: Executed in Iraq, failed, at a cost of $2 trillion

Posted on: August 5, 2012

Highest expensive War Game: Executed in Iraq, failed, at a cost of $2 trillion

General Paul Van Ripple (The Rip) is a retired from the Marines Corps. In the spring of 2000, Rip is called in by the Pentagon to head the Red Team of the Millennium Challenge ’02, a War Game in the planning that will cost $250 million by August 2002 as the US Blue Team lost the war game.

The Red Team in the scenario is a “rogue” military commander (not satisfying the interest of the US government policies) and who enjoys considerable power base from strong religious and ethnic loyalties.  The Red Baron is harboring and sponsoring 4 terrorist organizations, he is a virulent anti-US and threatening to engulf the entire Persian/Arabic Gulf region in war.

The US Blue Team is called the Joint Forces Command (JFCOM).

Marine Corps, air force, army, and navy units at various military bases in the US stood by to enact the commands of Red and Blue Teams’ brass. For example, if a Blue Team commander orders the firing of a missile at target, or launching a plane…a missile would occasionally be fired live, or one of the 42 separate computer models would simulate the order-action. The simulated firing was so precise that the war room staff couldn’t tell that it wasn’t real…This war game was to last about 15 days when D-Day was announced and the Red Team received the ultimatum to desist from rogue behaviors…

Specialists monitored and recorded every conversation and a computer kept track of every single bullet fired and every tank deployment… The War game was meant to be a full dress rehearsal for actual war against Iraq of Saddam Hussein.

The Pentagon wanted to test a set of new and “radical” ideas about how to go to battle: Conventional war would rarely be fought from now on. Two armies fighting it out in an open battlefield as during Operation Desert Storm of 1991 was not realistic: Conflict is to be diffuse, actions taking place in cities and engaging economic, social, cultural dimensions.

A JFCOM analyst said: “The decisive factor is how you take apart your adversary systems. We are going after war-making capabilities, connected to the economic and cultural systems, to personal relationships, and to understanding the links among all these systems…”

The head commander of the Blue Team was General William F. Kernan who said: “Blue Team has the means and tools to interrupt people’s capabilities, to influence the national will of the enemy, to disrupt all communication systems, and to take out the power grids…”

Blue Team was not to be waging any battle under uncertainties: All data, information, and pieces of intelligence will be available and accessible within seconds before making any decision…The Blue Team enjoys the full benefit of high-powered satellites, sophisticated sensors, super computers…in order to lift any fog before any decision

Blue Team brass was endowed with much greater intellectual, military hardware, and communication systems, and human resources than the Red Team could even dream of.  JFCOM was to apply the Operational Net Assessment (ONA) decision-making software, a tool meant to break the enemy down into series of systems and create a matrix of interrelations among all the systems, and evaluate the critical most vulnerable links in the array of systems (social, political, economical, military, chain of commands…)

Blue Team hoarded a tool called Effects-Based Operations capable of extending a comprehensive, real-time map (Common Relevant Operational Picture) of any combat situation… Blue Team was given a tool for joint interactive planning

In short, Blue Team had an overwhelming advantage in instant information and pieces of intelligence gathered around the US and the World…

The Red Team was to make do with lower quality weapons, communication systems that rogue States dictators possess.

The Rip understood that he will have to forego electronic communication systems and relied on motorcycle carriers to transmit messages and orders…

The Rip strategy is never to overburden his field commanders with irrelevant frequent orders and information…The field commander cognitive power was not to be disrupted in the heat of battle and has to rely on his expert knowledge and split-second decisions acquired from long years of doing this business…

The Rip is in command but out of control during the battle: He gives his general intention and strategy and let the brass do their jobs…

The Rip told his staff: “We will not use the Blue Team terminology. and I don’t want to hear that word “Effects” or ONT…We will use our wisdom, experience, and good judgment…No need to waste time explaining your decision or meeting to discuss on critical decisions…”

The field commanders were to decide and take risks under uncertainties

The Rip dispatched hundreds of small rafts and boats to locate Blue Team war ships.

The Rip opted to preempt the first attack planned by Blue Team and fired thousands of missiles from all directions, sinking 16 ships and assassinating rulers of host US allied States…

Two days after the Red Team demolished the US fleet, the rules of the games were changed:

1. The ships were resurrected from the bottom of the sea: The Red Team missiles could not be that precise…

2. The assassinated head of allied States and their commanders were of no consequence to the war in progress…

3. The Red Team second in command was to receive orders from the Program Director to give the Red Team brass different set of instructions to facilitate the landing of the Blue Team marines. The second round was all scripted to permit Blue Team to win the game. These crazy tactics of the Rip cannot be conceived by any rogue commander and thus should not be considered!

And the Blue Team had won the game, with flying color and under certainty in all its decisions…

Maybe the Millennium Challenge is currently being revisited (against Iran) and the offensive of the Rip taken seriously as strong possibilities.  Make no mistake: Iran and serious national resistance forces (Hezbollah) do read foreign sources and are updated on the latest policies and motivations…

Logically and rationally, the US has no interest in preempting any major war, not with Russia and China against a war on Iran.

However, the main objective of War Games is to instill a mind-fix among the military brass that the game should be tested live, at any cost and regardless of rational reasons.

I bet the military, Corporation America, and the financial multinationals want Mitt Romney to represent the “interest of America”. Why?

The economy is bad and unemployment pretty high.  The natural resolution to the problem is a preemptive war to absorb all the unemployed lower middle-class in the US and get the Federal Bank to infuse vast liquidity in the market…

Note 1: Article inspired from a chapter in “Blink” by Malcolm Gladwell

Note 2: The preemptive war on Iraq in 2003 should not have engaged that much technology and sophistication.

1. Iraq was experiencing 10 year of International embargo: Babies were dying by the thousands from lack of powder milk

2. Iraq had dismantled all its chemical facilities and whatever “nuclear” installations the US claimed Saddam had.

3. The army was totally impotent and not armed: The Republican Guard existed to preempt any military takeover.

4. Iraq was crumbling, hungry, scared and dissatisfied with the dictatorship

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