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Songs in Egypt Tahrir Square

Posted on: August 13, 2012

Songs in Egypt Tahrir Square

My Spring in Winter (inspired from the poem of Kaddour Hadadi)

First lights of winter

First days of January

The reflections in your green eyes

Blossomed the olive trees

In the midst of the thousands

I saw you chanting and dancing.

The king and his army put down the arms and fled.

The wave of the crowd is carrying you

Under your feet a palace crumbled.

In Tahrir Square you demolished the ancient empire.

I can’t see you anymore

But I know now that you do exist.

I want to see you dancing and chanting again, so badly,

Tell me I ‘m not dead yet.

My spring in winter

Birds are not singing

The masses have dispersed

Wild bad herbs growing faster than wheat.

Smiles and hopes swept away by the sand wind.

Time keeps playing tricks on me

I can ignore time and snub it.

Your shadow overlapping my shadow

We are redesigning another world

What wild herbs want from me?

I won’t set fire on myself

I won’t forget

And I won’t step back…

Note: Inspired from Egyptian songs

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