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“Stop Rape”…Can you claim to understand women? And vice versa?

Posted on: August 19, 2012

“Stop Rape”…Can you claim to understand women? And vice versa?
Do you think these 10 Tips are targeting Men who do not understand Women?
This is not a good quality flyer and men are not as stupid as women would like to disseminate.
I stay “Stop handing out bad quality flyers”
With the exception of acute physical and mental disturbances, raping behavior is largely a cultural legacy.
This cultural legacy is prevalent among all strata in society and in all continents.
Supremacist cultures, mostly evidenced in patriarchal cultures, absolve the elite classes (the ruling classes) from attaching bad connotation to rape and heap all kinds of evil deeds on the lower classes when they engage in rap: a privilege reserved for the elite classes, who rule by “raping” the dignity of men in all aspect of the living.
Raping is a catch-all term attached to ill behaviors conducted by the lower classes in order to exaggerate the magnitude of trampling the privileges reserved for the elite classes.
Time to Focus on the evil behavior of the elite classes and stamp them all with the term “RAPISTS”, and let see how community behavior is reformed and upgraded to respecting every human being, regardless of genders, wealth, skin colors, religious beliefs or origins…
Raping human dignity, physically and mentally, is far more complex than this flyer is conveying.

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