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Be Warned! Realize it’s a Two-Way Traffic: This feeling of Contempt

Posted on: August 20, 2012

Be Warned! Realize it’s a Two-Way Traffic: This feeling of Contempt

How mankind managed to develop the pervasive and most lethal emotions of all: Contempt?

You have these questionnaires asking you: “You like or you don’t like”. These are valid questions in evaluating objects.

When it comes to judging people in the first encounter, the question should be: “Have you felt contempt, or the person is a potential candidate for a second conversation chance…?”

If you are presented with a dozen individuals whom you are meeting for the first time, I bet that over half of them will be scraped as “non-Existent”, a feeling of contempt for them, for one reason or another not that rational if you are asked to provide a sensible reason…

Your brain of adaptive unconscious is a fast performer of reading minds by simply watching the facial expressions…

I bet also that another half of the non-discarded individuals are ‘eliminated with utmost prejudice” at the second conversation opportunity.

The very few who are eligible for a third” interview” are tottering on the brink of eclipse at any second the meeting last…

You have this “Contempt Club” member who is driving and sees you from afar. By the time the car is closing on you, his frowning is so exaggerated, and trying hard to fake not noticing you that I have the feeling he is saying: “I wish I was blind this minutes”

Another of  “Contempt Club” member reaches an instant of total insanity.  You think that you have reached a mutual consensus, for years, that you have scraped one another from “existence”.  And he approaches you and look you in the eyes and ejaculate: “You know I have contempt for you. So huge…”

There are surprises in life. This contempt guy is totally taken off guard, and see you, and he has this flicker of a wide smile all over his face, before the visage is disfigured by a murky expression.  Kind of he was all closeted up in his life and lacking acquaintances, and for a fraction of a second he recognized a familiar face…

I admit that I am the slow type in mind-reading. Normal people are said to capture the expression of “Contempt” in a fraction of a second… I need more than 3 seconds to form such a drastic judgment.

My mind needs to reflect twice before allowing the adaptive unconscious to take over.  I am considered a “naive guy” based on that deficiency related to time spent extracting meaningful facial expressions, or physical gestures…Sort of a tiny one level higher than autistic people…

Mind you that an autist has this fantastic part of the brain specialized in picture memory atrophied.  He relies on the less developed verbal memory brain to discriminate anything.  Consequently, the autistic person has not the ability to judge people’s emotions: You are another “object” to the autist, and he cares less of how you feel about him or about people…

Sometimes you wish that mankind would have been far better off if afflicted with autism…

Mankind has evolved to concentrate his “manageable” bad connotation spectrum of emotions into this inexorable singularity of emotion called Contempt.

It is such a relief to discard the unmanageable numbers of interrelations of feelings among people and reduce our world to a few figures.  Mostly, one or two individuals are the most that our brain can manage to make rational sense of the intricate three-ways interactions

Have you seen a dog mauling a person before warning him by showing his fangs? Dogs, cats, pets can hate you for hurting them once, and still they keep warning you when you approach them.  Animals didn’t develop this “feeling of contempt” of “you don’t exist to me“: Otherwise, many of us would be mauled left and right, and no animal species would have been raised for domestic usage…

And we are wondering: Why mankind is the most violent of species and growing insane by the years…

Sure, we would love to attribute climate change, higher levels of toxic substance in the environment, the dangerous processed food we consume…as direct causes for our increased emotional instability…

But these attributes are new comers: They are additional catalysts for mankind insane behavior…

What we call apartheid, racists, extremists, ultra nationalists, bigots… are but political nuances founded on the overwhelming tendency to converge quickly to that lethal emotion of Contempt: A systematic process to refrain from talking, meeting, conversing with the other…A systematic cultural legacy of alienating other types of people…

Be Warned! Realize it’s a Two-Way Traffic: This feeling of Contempt.  The moment you exhibit the expression of contempt on your face, the other person has captured it and you are most eligible to be “contempted back

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